Wednesday, April 6, 2016

That Awkward Moment

When a book series you're reading makes you question your own morality.

This series by Laura Thalassa was a throw away read for me. One of those books you pick up for free and think "hmm I don't know could be good could be really bad but it's free so I'll give it a shot". Well I'm happy to report that it was not bad. It was actually a pretty good read. The author does a great job of weaving myth in with present day. The characters aren't as three dimensional as a C.S. Lewis or Tolkien book but she makes up for it with loads of humor and edge of your seat action.

The premise of the series is the 16 year old main character Gabrielle Fiori (thank you for not giving us weird, hard to pronounce names) who is accepted to an exclusive boarding school on the Isle of Man in the British Isles. Once there she learns that she's some sort of supernatural and during the awakening it's discovered she's half vampire and half siren and all the way damned. Yes she's damned from the start especially when she discovers that she has a soulmate who is the biggest, baddest, scariest, dude in the entire supernatural community, think Godfather. Oh but what's a young adult book series without an epic love triangle! This one has one so epic it's literally hellish as in the Devil is her other soulmate. You read that correctly Laura Thalassa broke the rules and gave this girl two soulmates. If you're not feeling sorry for Gabrielle Fiori yet then you are made of stone my readers!!

Gabrielle faces off against some pretty scary bad guys but never alone. She has her Seer friend and roommate Leanne and BBF (Best Bitches Forever) Oliver the gay fairy. Yes he's a gay fairy and you will LOVE him! As expected Oliver provides most of the humor in this series that spans five books and his jokes usually come at the expense of Gabrielle and Leanne (again thank you for not giving them weird, unpronounceable names).

Laura does a great job of painting the devil as the true father of lies, the deceiver, and it's not until book five that you really start to question everything you thought you knew about him. I was so torn by book five I wasn't sure if I was rooting for the Devil to win Gabrielle's hear or her other soulmate Andrea de Leon. I wasn't unhappy with how the story ended but I've come to realize I will always be the girl that hopes Dracula wins in the end. Not sure what that says about my own morality but whether you pull for the Devil or Andre you'll love reading all about their struggles and triumphs in this series.

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