Monday, June 22, 2015

The Littlest Reviewers

All of us bibliophiles started out as youngsters reading children s books. If you were anything like me the only time you threw a fit was when your mom wouldn't take you to the library or refused to read your favorite book to you JUST ONE MORE TIME! You didn't find the idea of a summer reading list abhorrent, in fact you couldn't wait to see what was on said list so you could get started. 

In honor of the next generations bibliophiles this book blog will be bringing you book reviews from some of the cutest and youngest readers out there. We'll be inviting children of all ages to share their love of reading with all of us here at The Book Whisperers. I'm excited to interview them and their excited to share their love of reading with all of you out there.

You may see some oldies but goodies on here like Little Women and some newer children's books like The Lemonade Wars. These cutie pies are opening their hearts and minds to us so we can take a walk back through our own childhood and experience the thrill of reading right along side them. 

Check back with us later this week when we bring you the first of the Littlest Reviewers. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pride and Prejudice meets E.T. in a good way!

Take a gander up there at that beautiful book cover. That's the portal to Pemdas a realm that's connected and dependent on Earth. I've reviewed S.L. Morgan's Ancient Guardians books before on The Book Whisperers blog and just like last time I was both overwhelmed with feels and impressed with the beauty of her prose.  If you haven't liked her fb page you are so missing out. She's one of those authors that interacts with her readers throughout the entire book writing process. This is, as far as I know, revolutionary for us readers. S.L. Morgan invites us into her home office on a daily basis and shares with us her struggles and triumphs as a writer. This allows us, the readers, to feel a sort of ownership over the story once it's been published and it builds the anticipation of the release date to a fevered, hysterical pitch.

Like this kind of hysteria. See the Beatle in the front running for his life? That's S.L. Morgan and the rest of those people are her rabid fans. I'm one of those rabid fans by the way. 

I stalked this book online the minute I finished book two of the Ancient Guardian series. I was salivating for this books release and I devoured the entire book in a matter of HOURS. Morgan does not disappoint and book three in the Ancient Guardian series firmly establishes her as a consistently excellent storyteller. 

Enough about her you say? Ok let's get to the latest adventure for Reece and Levi. 
I thought I was going to have to wait for the Imperial Wedding of Reece and Levi but I guess even Morgan couldn't wait that long for it. It's one of those books that starts off so full of hope and love and life and there's the honeymoon, which is fabulous by the way, and then there's Harrison. Yes Harrison one of our favorite rake hells and Levi's best friend and cousin. While Reece and Levi are off on their honeymoon a mysterious person shows up in Pemdas demanding to see the Emperor. Now you know how hard Harrison worked in book two to bring Reece and Levi back together so you know he's not about to interrupt their honeymoon for this sketchy dude.

Taking the reigns of his new position as Commander of the Pemdas Warriors he has the man put in chains and questioned. Without giving away a spoiler I'm just going to say that what Harrison learns convinces him to interrupt Levi's honeymoon with the news brought by the mysterious stranger. 

Right from the beginning Levi is suspicious of this man and he remembers well what happened to Reece in book two so he has the man moved to another city and put in that dungeon until he can better ferret out the mans plans.  

Reece learns from the man that she's not entirely human as she first thought and she develops some surprising powers. Let me stop here. Usually when an author starts introducing special abilities for an otherwise mundane human I get a little antsy because there is a right way and a wrong way to pull this off. Thankfully Morgan did it the right way. Reece slowly comes into her powers over time it's not instantaneous and it's totally believable. That's the key it has to make sense!!! Morgan shows us once again that her character building is, to use a pun, out of this world. 

Levi, Reece, and Harrison formulate a plan to carry out a rescue mission to another galaxy and no I can't tell you who they're rescuing because that would ruin the cliffhanger at the end of book two. IT'S KILLING ME NOT TO TELL YOU!!!!!!

Once in the other Galaxy the Pemdas warriors have to fight dark shadow people and Reece and Levi discover something wonderful in their future. This review is becoming difficult to write because SPOILERS! I should have let my fellow book whisperer Roxanne write this review she's the queen of keeping the lid on spoilers and I'm notorious for giving them away. 

Of course Reece and Levi are successful but not without casualties and what happens to Levi..I...I...I just can't. I'm so emotionally destroyed over it even weeks later. I literally sobbed for days after reading that ending. S.L. Morgan Kagawa's you with that cliffhanger. 

Jack Sparrow says it all with those facial expressions. 

We need to know S.L. Morgan when is book 4 because I just can not even!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's called Reading

Are you looking for some new software to install? Check out our June Author of the month Karen McQuestion's new book From A Distant Star. It's on sale now at all major retailers both online and in the physical bookstore.

Stay tuned for our next weeks book review of S.L. Morgans third book in the Ancient Guardians series The Awakening.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June's Author Spotlight Karen McQuestion

This is a new author that was recommended to me by readers and followers on Facebook. I reached our to Karen on Twitter to ask permission to review one of her books as our June spotlight author and she responded with a review copy of From a Distant Star her new YA Novel. To say I was overcome with excitement would be putting it mildly as I immediately jumped on messenger and notified fellow book review blogger Roxanne about the exciting news. What followed was some awesome back and forth tweets between McQuestion and myself and a few e-mails as well which led me to believe this would be one review that would have a more personal feel. In this day and age of online publishing and the younger generation picking up more books and watching less t.v. Authors have become more like rock stars and Hollywood celebrities. I for one do a happy dance every time an author tweets with me or responds to a facebook message. I will gladly be the one standing in line for three hours just to get my favorite authors signature.

Without further ado it is my great pleasure to bring to you in the first month of summer my review for From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestion.

This is a stand alone book so no long term commitment needed to enjoy it and it's a great in between series release dates book as well.

From a Distant Star is a YA Sci-Fi fiction piece centered around a young teenage girl named Emma. Emma’s boyfriend Lucas Walker has stage four cancer and is dying when a space ship (about the size of a pie plate) crash lands in the Walker’s farm fields. Scout, the extra-terrestrial inside, survives by hitching a ride on Lucas’s dog Mack.  Mack is called inside by Lucas’s mother Mrs. Walker and Scout then jumps from Mack to Lucas. Scout cures Lucas’s cancer in order to have a healthier host body while he tries to find a way to get back to his home planet. Emma and Lucas’s brother Eric work together to come up with a plan to help Scout do just that. This is the set up for the rest of the book. Emma trying to help Scout get home so that Lucas can have his body back, healthy and cured of cancer.

One of the things that struck me while reading From a Distant Star was the dichotomy between Scouts home world society and Earths. I thought McQuestion did a great job in illustrating those differences through clever dialogue between Scout and Emma. This really showed during the car ride when they are on their way to Erickson Ryder the outpost responsible for sending the friendly message that lured Scouts people to the area in the first place.

There is humor in Scouts naivety toward humans and our American culture. His innocence in dealing with strangers and his interactions with Emma lend the book both an overall sense of hope and sweetness that is usually lacking in a Sci-Fi story. One of my favorite pieces of dialogue between Scout and Emma illustrates both this naivety and humor. Scout and Emma have just escaped from the Erickson Ryder Scientist and Emma says to Scout “I can’t believe that just happened”.
“You can believe it” Scout said “It did happen”.

Scout just doesn't understand slang or clich├ęs or even stereotyping as evidenced by a scene where Emma tries to explain to Scout why she was nervous to approach the Bar None. Emma tries explaining to Scout about biker bars and Scout keeps asking her how she knew it would be dangerous. Eventually Emma has to acknowledge her own prejudice and stereotyping. Scout attempts to understand how humans can judge each other before they've met and gotten to know each other. Finally Emma tells him that it takes a long time to get to know someone so humans use clothing, cars, jobs and other trappings of society to judge a person’s intentions. Scout points out that Emma was wrong in her assumption and we see Emma begin to question her own stance on such things.

One of the major themes repeated throughout From a Distant Star is the green aspect of living. On numerous occasions Scout tells us on his home planet that everyone lives in harmony with each other including the animals. Scout doesn’t understand humans eating animals because on his planet they can communicate with all the animals and thus they live side by side with them. They don’t farm in the human sense of the word and as a people they take only what they need. Scouts people also don’t use fossil fuels they have other cleaner ways of getting energy though that’s not really explained in any detail it’s hinted that it’s an advanced form of Solar Energy.

McQuestions’ new book gives us an up close viewpoint of our culture and our global presence from an outsiders point of view that I found to be both accurate, if a bit uncomfortable at times, and charming as well.

Emma and Scout learn a lot from their time spent together on this crazy adventure and if you take nothing else from this book it’s that we can all learn something from someone different and better off for it.

I very much enjoyed From a Distant Star and will be looking to include more of Karen McQuestion’s books into my kindle library. If you’d like to get your own copy of this book you can purchase it at any of the online e-book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Apple i-Books. 

To see more of Karen McQuestion’s titles you can visit her on the web at and sign up for her newsletter or follow her on Twitter.