Tuesday, April 26, 2016

That Darkness by Lisa Black

That Darkness by Lisa Black

Thank you to Netgalley for copy of this Arc in exchange for a fair review.

So Maggie is a forensic investigator for the Cleveland Police Department, and she has seen a lot of bodies, but this young girl who was never reported missing sparks Maggie to leave no stone uncovered.

Jack is a killer, there really is only problem with that he is also a detective with the Cleveland Police Department. He is also on the hunt for the killer of the young, but for very different reasons and his uneasy alliance with Maggie may just be the end of home.

I feel like this is almost too spoilerish for me, but if you look up the book you can actually read all of that information in the synopsis so...I guess I didn't spoil anything. I like police procedurals especially if they are done right, so I guess in essence sometimes I love them sometimes I don't.

I am going to lean with I don't love this, but I did like it. I thought it was solid and definitely a nice twist at the end. I also really liked that it was different,  I mean it is a fine line to walk, what do you do when the bad guy isn't necessarily the bad guy. I like the moral quandary, I think with a little more character building and some more chemistry between Renner and Gardiner these books can be fantastic. I will probably check out book 2 to see where this is going.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday NYPD Blue Style

It’s Monday and I’ll be honest this one’s been a tad more difficult than any of the others. As a long time insomnia sufferer I’m used to running on a few short hours of sleep but this Monday I’m not just tired I’m also getting over a double ear infection a sinus infection and just for funsies acute bronchitis all brought on by the lovely allergies I suffer in the spring. Yay Spring!!! As such I tend to spend most of my time in doors attempting to cut down on the amount of time I suffer and I’ve had the distinct pleasure of revisiting one of my favorite worlds this past week and this weekend. The IN DEATH series by J.D. Robb is one of my favorite series of books. It’s Criminal Minds meets NYPD Blue and it’s set in the not so distant future in New York. The main character Eve Dallas is a tenacious homicide detective with a murky past. The first book in the series “Naked in Death” introduces us to her as she races to find a serial killer going after Licensed Companions or LC’s as they come to be known in the book. This is a sanitized term used to describe prostitutes, think high end call girls and boys. During her investigation she comes face to face with her own inner demons and we learn a bit more about her traumatic childhood. We get introduced to one of the best leading men in fiction Roarke. That’s right Roarke just Roarke no other name. Roarke has his own shady past and perhaps it’s this darkness that calls to Eve’s own inner darkness but whatever the reason she ends up having to investigate him in connection to the deaths. 
This series is chock full of interesting, deep, and complex characters. The plots are well thought out and fully realized. Some of these death scenes are not for the faint of heart as the author goes to great lengths to vividly describe what Eve deals with in the course of her investigations. The procedures are correct and we even get the bureaucratic frustration that all cops face when tracking down suspects and gathering data. Simply put this is one of the best crime-thriller series out there and that’s not an exaggeration. I highly recommend these books if you like crime drama, solving puzzles, action, adventure and yes there’s some romance too. Other books like this one would be Rizzoli and Isles by Tess Gerritson and the Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Murder in Missoula by Laurence Giliotti

Murder in Missoula by Laurence Giliotti

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of the eArc.

Joe Nicoletti is looking for a change when he moves to Missoula, while eating at a cafe he sees a stunning woman who looks like his dead wife. He also notices a creepy guy stalking her. Later on another chance encounter with Marie-Justine leads him to believe things are turning for the better.

However, when he finds himself being brought in for questioning for her murder, he is drawn into figuring out who her killer is and catching him before he kills again.

Murder in Missoula is a little different than some thrillers or mystery's because we know who the killer is literally from the very beginning. This means we get to see through the killer's eyes and know what he is thinking and why he is doing what he is doing, and we know who he is going after.

As I am sure you all know that I like dark and seriously messed up thrillers. I like the kind that would give me nightmares if I had a soul.... However, I did enjoy this, and I always really like reading from the killer's viewpoint. I think it is important to take a look inside, somehow I feel it's better to have some knowledge...you never know when it could be important. In fact I think that is what I love about thrillers, murder mystery and true crime.

You should always be aware and those books whether fiction or real are stark reminders that all it takes is one moment for everything to change! I really did feel bad for Joe, I mean he meets the lady, thinks get really interesting and Boom, she is killed. Honestly I was kind of hoping for more, it seemed like one of those were the author could totally write more about that character.

So if you are looking for a fast paced mystery to waste the day away look no further! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sorry It's been awhile... but I am back!

Defender by Graham McNamee

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me a copy of the eArc in exchange for a fair review...

This is one of the books I freely admit I didn't know too much about, people weren't talking I wasn't seeing it all over the other bloggers blogs, or tweets. But it seemed interesting when I looked at the synopsis..
                They call her Tiny, but Tyne Greer is six foot six, a high school basketball star who is hoping the game will be her ticket out of the slum. She lives in a run-down building called The Zoo, where her father is the superintendent. One day she discovers a crack in the wall of an abandoned basement room. And sealed up in the wall is a girl’s body. Horrified, she runs to get her dad. But after he goes to take a look, he comes back and tells Tyne that nothing’s there. No girl. No body. He tells her she must be seeing things in the dark.

Tyne is sure it was real, though, and when she finds evidence that the body was moved from the hole in the wall, she knows the only one who could have done it is her father. But why? What is he hiding?

Tyne’s search for answers uncovers a conspiracy of secrets and lies in her family. The closer she gets to the truth, the more dangerous it becomes for her. Because some will do anything to bury the past . . . and keep her silent.

Tyne discovers a body down in the basement of her building, and when she tells her father about it, he goes down and then later tells her there is nothing there. When she later finds a finger, she knows that she wasn't hallucinating about finding the body. She then tells Stick (her boyfriend) about what she found. They begin to investigate who she is and who could have possibly put her down there.

They were also convinced she was murder once they find proof that her father moved the girl's body. But the mystery doesn't end there, it is only just beginning.

I can't say too much more without spoiling it, this is a pretty good mystery. I really didn't guess what actually happened. It wasn't as dark or edgy as some of the other thrillers I have read. I did enjoy it and it was such a quick easy read. Maybe the lack of darkness is what is throwing me off. Really I enjoyed this, but I think for me personally what makes me love a mystery or thriller is that it is dark, twisty and keeps me on the edge.  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hazed and Confused

It's new author Thursday and this week we're bringing you the book HAZE by Brandon J. Barnard.

Haze is the story that I would have written if I was going to write a gender bending story about my younger sister...or maybe it just made me think of her so much that I feel like this story was written about her. It happens! 

Here's the premise of the story Jack Decker is an art school dropout who has to face his repressed memories in a post-apocalyptic London. During a regular workday he sees a girl wanting to stuff her face with doughnuts from across the room and that event starts the whole book.

I'm giving this book 5 stars and here's why. The setting of the story takes place in the future 2071 the environmental pollution has reached astronomical limits and no one can go outside or breath the air without a gas mask and goggles on. (FYI my younger sister would look so kick ass in goggles, like steampunk awesomeness). The London apocalyptic setting is subtle so you have to pay attention to the little details he gives us throughout the descriptions. As an avid reader I appreciate that attention to detail it helps paint a more vivid picture. The other reason the book gets 5 stars from me is the character development. Jack Decker is a puzzle, an enigma, a mystery and you'll have a blast trying to figure him out. This mystery drives the story so I can't say too much about him on here without giving away spoilers and NO ONE WANTS THAT! I can say this about Jack Decker the author paces the revelations about his character really well. You never learn too much too soon and those character revelations are almost always followed by plot twists so astounding that I found myself actually standing up and saying "WHAT THE WHAT DUDE?!!" out loud for my entire family to hear. 

This whole book has a sort of Anime vibe to it that my super geeky, nerdy, self thought was pretty cool. The book isn't very long so if you're looking for a longer read this won't be it but what it lacks in length it makes up for in depth. At only 154 pages you can start and finish this book in a day or less if you have that nifty speed reading ability. 

This book does fall under the heading of Psychological Thriller and it certainly meets that criteria. Haze is a head trip that you'll enjoy all the way to the last page. I'm excited to see what this author brings us in the future!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

That Awkward Moment

When a book series you're reading makes you question your own morality.

This series by Laura Thalassa was a throw away read for me. One of those books you pick up for free and think "hmm I don't know could be good could be really bad but it's free so I'll give it a shot". Well I'm happy to report that it was not bad. It was actually a pretty good read. The author does a great job of weaving myth in with present day. The characters aren't as three dimensional as a C.S. Lewis or Tolkien book but she makes up for it with loads of humor and edge of your seat action.

The premise of the series is the 16 year old main character Gabrielle Fiori (thank you for not giving us weird, hard to pronounce names) who is accepted to an exclusive boarding school on the Isle of Man in the British Isles. Once there she learns that she's some sort of supernatural and during the awakening it's discovered she's half vampire and half siren and all the way damned. Yes she's damned from the start especially when she discovers that she has a soulmate who is the biggest, baddest, scariest, dude in the entire supernatural community, think Godfather. Oh but what's a young adult book series without an epic love triangle! This one has one so epic it's literally hellish as in the Devil is her other soulmate. You read that correctly Laura Thalassa broke the rules and gave this girl two soulmates. If you're not feeling sorry for Gabrielle Fiori yet then you are made of stone my readers!!

Gabrielle faces off against some pretty scary bad guys but never alone. She has her Seer friend and roommate Leanne and BBF (Best Bitches Forever) Oliver the gay fairy. Yes he's a gay fairy and you will LOVE him! As expected Oliver provides most of the humor in this series that spans five books and his jokes usually come at the expense of Gabrielle and Leanne (again thank you for not giving them weird, unpronounceable names).

Laura does a great job of painting the devil as the true father of lies, the deceiver, and it's not until book five that you really start to question everything you thought you knew about him. I was so torn by book five I wasn't sure if I was rooting for the Devil to win Gabrielle's hear or her other soulmate Andrea de Leon. I wasn't unhappy with how the story ended but I've come to realize I will always be the girl that hopes Dracula wins in the end. Not sure what that says about my own morality but whether you pull for the Devil or Andre you'll love reading all about their struggles and triumphs in this series.

Monday, April 4, 2016

April New Release

April showers means more time to stay inside, snuggle up under your favorite throw, cradle that warm steamy mug of coffee (or tea) and catch up on some reading. That’s why we’re excited to bring you some of our most anticipated upcoming April Releases!!!
April 5th sees two new releases that I’m excited for. The first one kick starts a new series from Richelle Mead The Glittering Court.
The second new release coming out tomorrow is the final book in the “With you Series” by Sylvia Day.
Oops almost forgot another April 5th new release! The Beast by J.R. Ward this marks #14 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.
Next up for your April new book release we have First Kiss by C.L. Stone the next installment in her wildly popular and amazingly awesome Ghost Bird Series releasing April 25th.
I'm sure there are many more new releases coming out this month and let's not forget A Court of Mist and Fury's release date is May 3rd!!!