Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review of Bloodlines by Lynn Lipinski

In keeping with Halloween I saw this intriguing book on Net Galley and thought I have to read and review this! 
So I opened it up and couldn't stop reading. Lynn Lipinski's debut novel Bloodlines is a great thriller that really keeps you guessing until the end.
Zane is a young man who finds out his mother had died in fire, he was out drinking the night before and really doesn't remember anything. So when the police question him a lot he begins to wonder if something happened and he is responsible for her death.
Lettie his sister, is left in his care after his mother's death and she goes on the journey with him to figure out what really happened that night. It's so hard to to not blurt everything out, but this is a challenging moment for me to say just enough without giving it all away. Shortly after his mother's death Zane receives a message saying Sherri Clearwater doesn't exist and a link to an article about Lily Davis and Jeremiah Doom. As he begins to figure more about who his mother really is, and who his father is, Zane begins to realize there is more at play here. Will he figure it out before he goes to jail, or it costs him his sister's life?

This book, I didn't want to believe even two chapters in too it, that Zane was capable of murder, but initially you have to wonder if he was drunk and blackout, did something happen? However as things begin to unfold you really find that this book keeps you guessing until the bitter end. I did have an inkling about the killer before the ending but I really didn't figure out that much sooner than when the author lays it out for you. I loved Zane and Lettie, they were totally awesome and their love of each other really stood out in this book! So if you looking for a creepy spooky read for Halloween look no further, because this book is the one for you!!!

Will you make a deal with the Devil????

I received this arc through Net Galley....

HellRaisers By Alexander Gordon Smith

 I am currently starting his Escape from the Furnace series based on the recommendation of my son. But I saw this title while browsing Net Galley this morning and I thought this looks good, I think I will! Of course I had forgotten Wrainbeau wanted me to review a couple scary books for October so this choice turned out to be perfect.

Marlow is a troublemaker and he starts off this book getting caught causing damage to the Principal's car, but he has asthma and is a bit of coward! However, his best friend Charlie always has his back. Except this time Marlow runs from one trouble straight into fire. He stumbles across Pan and Herc fighting some kind of demonic machines! Instead of running away though Marlow jumps right into the fray and helps save their lives.

Marlow doesn't want to fight demons and die a horrible death so he opts to return to his life even if it is in shambles, except the demons aren't letting him go... He ends up being rescued by Pan and Herc, and both Charlie and Marlow are again offered the chance to become Engineers. Marlow edges Charlie out thinking it will protect his friend.

Pan and Herc take Marlow to the Engine, the dark pool of evil that makes deals except when you make a deal you have 6 hundred and sixty-six hours in which to enjoy whatever deal you made before Hell comes to collect your soul. The Hellraisers have found a way around that by using Lawyers to break the contracts before they become fulfilled.

So your interested right...  well I am not going to say anymore because you have to read this book once it comes out.  The expected date is December 1st, 2015 so seriously add this to your want/need have to go buy list.
I mean it once I started reading this I couldn't put it down, it reminded me a tad of Shutter not that the books are similar just the same kind of feeling. Like taking something old and putting such a fresh new spin on it that you are just blown away and want more of it.  That's how I felt about this book I just wanted more, it made me smile, laugh, get mad, sad, and a whole range of feels!

Fairest of the Faire!

Fairest of the Faire by Susabelle Kelmer

There was a time when I loved romance novels, they were all I read. That was a long time ago but in order for me to enjoy one nowadays it has to fit a couple of requirements for me. There must be a plot, must have real romance not insta-love, and preferably must not fall into bed right away. So let me say on these requirements the book knocks it out of the park. I started reading and couldn’t put it down until I was finished.

Constance or Connie is a young widow whose husband was killed in a car accident. If that is not enough tragedy for you he also impregnated someone else and had massive debt. Sadly or however you want to look at Connie had set up for the young women having her husband’s baby to get most of the life insurance money before she was aware of just how deep her financial problems were.  To get away from that life she moves to her sister in law place and tries to start over. While there she attends a Renaissance fair and ends up getting a temporary job there. Where she meets the oh so hot Gage Youngblood! 

                I have to say I really enjoyed the romance; it was slow build up and totally believable. Gage and Constance really date and get to know each other before falling in bed. I know that’s not always a big thing for readers these days but I appreciate when an author puts work into her characters and builds a story that is not only plausible but has you shipping the characters. Even though I haven’t been to a Renaissance Fair in a while I love them and love, love that this the setting for the book. It totally speaks to my inner and outer geekdom! So this novel has romance, mystery, a little bit of thrills, renaissance fairs, and sexy time what more can you really ask for!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend that you go forth and read this!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Gargoyles, Demons, and Familiars...Oh MY!!

Welcome back to THE BOOK WHISPERERS. Did you all miss us? I know you did and we missed you as well. We're so excited to be coming back during the month of October. This reviewers favorite month of the year! What's not to love about the first official month of Fall.
All things spooky and creepy and out of this world have free reign to walk the earth during the month of October and we get to bring you our favorite stories in all genres of horror, sci-fi,, paranormal and supernatural fiction.

We're going to kick this month off with one of our favorite writers Jennifer L. Armentrout. We've brought reviews of Jennifers LUX series and her oh so amazing Half-Blood series as well so you can imagine our excitement when she brought out her version Demons and Angels. No one can twist a myth quite like Jennifer and we THANK her for it! In her newer series THE DARK ELEMENTS we meet up with a young girl who lives with, you guessed it, gargoyles. Now if you're familiar with the mythology of gargoyles you know their created to look so frightening and fierce because their one job is to take down demons and scare them away. Hence why Notre Dame and many other cathedrals built in the "dark ages" have these wee beasties carved in stone around them. In Jennifer's series the gargoyles function on much the same capacity except they aren't small by any stretch of the imagination and they only become stone to heal or when fighting. The gargoyles are known in this series as Warden's and they are protectors of the human race from demons. Their society is pretty closed off. The Warden's get their directions from the Angels and let me tell you in The Dark Elements world Angels are kind of douchey.
This young girl we find out in the first book is only half gargoyle the other half of her is...wait for it....DEMON!! Guess what the gargoyles fight against? DEMONS. You know right there we have the beginnings of an epic love/hate situation. I mean first off? How did that happen that a gargoyle got it on with a demon when they are literally mortal, immortal?, enemies.
Book one in the series, shown above, focuses our story on Layla's beginnings and her first encounters with one of this reviewers favorite demon prince's Roth.
Feast your eyes on that cover model. You know you want to read more about the enigmatic Roth and what he does to save Layla..swoons.
One of my favorite characters in this book isn't even a character per se it's Roth's demon familiar a giant snake named Daisy. Daisy spends most of her time hanging out as a tattoo on Roth's delectable flesh when she is called forth she is awesome to behold.
There is the classic love triangle between Roth, Layla and Zane but with an interesting twist. You see Layla can't kiss Zane or anyone for that matter because of her demon heritage. I won't ruin the story with the particulars of why except to say that is paves the road for one of the bigger twist to the story. Once you find out who Layla's mother don't know whether to feel bad for the poor girl or afraid of her and neither do the characters in the book.

Book two brings us to Zane's story and if you think book two is going to just pick up romantically where book one left off you're going to be disappointed. Or at least I was but then we all know I usually go for the bad boys in all the stories. Zane is a gargoyle and he's Layla's life long friend. He's also the one boy Layla has been secretly in love with for years. Due to her half demon status she's been unable to pursue or even give thought to her feelings for Zane as one kiss from her could be the end of him. What we find out in book two is that her feelings are not one sided and bonus Roth comes back on the scene but not in the way we were all hoping. 
There are so many twists and turns in book two that it felt like whiplash trying to keep up with everything that was going on. It was one roller coaster of emotional turmoil from one page to the next. My heart felt like it was being chewed up and spit out and then mended only to have Jennifer Armentrout do it all over again in the next chapter! 
Layla learns more about her demon heritage and she finally finds out who her real gargoyle father is and you will be gasping in shock when you find out.
Just when Layla is starting to pick up the pieces of her shattered life from the end of book two and attempting to move her demon powers begin to grow and when she least expects it Roth shows back up. 
Poor Layla just when she starts to get back up on her feet the body count starts to pile up and her life is once again tossed upside down. 
The questions you'll have the end of this book are many but what this reviewer wants to know is. Who will you be shipping by the end of it? Zane or Roth?

The final book in this epic trilogy does not disappoint. It's so easy for authors to fall into the dreaded last book slump but Jennifer Armentrout avoids that pitfall with this final book. Every Last Breath is just as epic a ride as the first two books in the series. 
With every choice that Layla makes there are dire consequences involved. What's a 17 year old girl to do? Well if she were a normal girl she'd have normal problems and then you wouldn't want to be reading about them. Layla's not that girl though and in this third book she has to decide which side of herself to trust. The gargoyle side or the demon side? In the midst of her own self doubt Layla has a new problem to deal with a lillin the most deadly of all demons is on the loose wreaking havoc on those around her including her best friend Sam. It's up to Layla to find a way to save him from a horrible fate. 
Layla finds herself torn between two worlds and two boys and fighting for the safety of all mankind in the midst of it. What's a half demon half gargoyle girl to do?

Thanks Jennifer for once again taking us on a wild ride through your twisted imagination. Happy Fall Reading my fellow familiars.