Friday, July 24, 2015

The Witch and the Huntsman

If you're wondering who J.R. Rain is then you haven't been paying attention to Amazon lately. He's one of the top selling e-book authors on there and his books have garnered fans of all ages and genders.

I first ran across his work in the Samantha Moon books and his witch series is a spin off of one of my favorite characters from the Samantha Moon series. 

Allison Lopez starts life as being mildly psychic until she takes a vampire lover, Victor, who feeds off of her and by doing so increases her psychic abilities. Allison becomes best friends with Samantha Moon who is turned into a vampire by her lover Victor. If that's not complicated enough for you Allison then investigates a ghost incident where she reconnects with her lost witch soul sister Millicent who tells Allison that she's lived many lives before and her and Sam and Allison have been a triad of witches. 

The Witch and the Huntsman is the third book in the Allison Lopez spin off series. If you haven't read the first two novellas The Witch and the Gentleman and The Witch and the Englishman you won't get the full impact of Allison's back story and you'll miss out on Ivy Tanner and Millicent as well but no worries you can still enjoy The Witch and the Huntsman. This novella is 77 pages from start to finish and it's a fast paced, action packed read. One of the things I love best about J.R. Rain's stories is there's no such thing as an HEA (Happily Ever After) for those that aren't up on the literary lingo. HEA's always seem to be just a tad bit out of reach for his characters and it's one of the things that keeps me coming back for more. His endings are organic, and never feel rushed or out of this world. They also leave you panting and begging for more.

The Witch and the Huntsman is a more modern retelling of Snow White. You have the evil witch, the attractive huntsman, and even an evil minion. The story is set in Oregon at a ski lodge aptly named La Chasse. Allison gets a frantic phone call from a young woman named Marisa over the psychic hotline that she works for. This phone call put the events of the story into motion as Allison feels a desperate need to help the young woman. She books a flight out to Oregon and after having her room at La Chasse given away she takes a waitressing job to stay on premises and investigate Marisa's disappearance.

During the course of the investigation she falls for Eric the lodge owners stepson. Millicent the ghostly version of their triad warns Allison that this is all a set up and she's up against something more evil than she can handle. Allison takes Millicents warning to heart but can't let go of helping young Marisa, either by saving her or discovering what happened to her. Millicent warns Allison against falling in love with Eric as his aura is shrouded in secrecy and you'll discover later on why. All I'll say on that front is OH MY STARS!!! 

Ivy Tanner shows up toward the end of the story to help defeat the evil witch and save the day. I can't go into too much else on here without giving away spoilers and you know we don't disrespect the story that way on here. 

For being only 77 pages long The Witch and the Huntsman packs a full novels worth of action, adventure, mystery, humor, and just enough romance to make you go awwwww. One of J.R. Rains talents is his ability to put so much into so little. He doesn't need 400 pages to tell the story and he won't waste a readers time with unnecessary details or useless dialogue. Every sentence has a purpose and the dialogue is always sharp, witty, and interesting. This is what makes him one of this book reviewers favorite writers. 

You can find J.R. Rain online at the following sites:

If you prefer physical books you can order them from his website as well as other merchandise.

Happy Reading everyone and we'll see you all hear again next month when we feature a brand new author Susabelle Kelmer and her debut novel The Fairest at the Fair.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quinn Loftis has the Midas Touch

Dream of Me by Quinn Loftis

I have read several of Quinn’s books starting with the Elfin series, of which Elfin is the first book! I am up to date on that series and currently waiting for the 3rd book Surrender to come out. If you love Faeries than this series is for you!!! I am up to book 3 in the Grey Wolves series and enjoy those as well! So if you love werewolves this series is for you!
So now that I have plugged all her books in this review about Dream of Me I have decided that whatever Quinn Loftis wants to write about she will and she will do it well!  So this books not werewolves not vampires, not Fae or anything you would normally find. The Sandman, right totally different! I was down for how this could turn out.

In Dream of Me the Sandman or Dair weaves dreams for important people. The Creator who sees all and knows all sends him to weave these dreams to show them the possibilities of what they might do.  It is still up to free will and there can be no influence one way or another. Dair’s latest assignment is Sarah better known as Serenity. Dair is immediately attracted to her and begins to spend extra time watching her in her day to day life. Somewhere along the way he falls for her. I will say this I am not a super fan of insta-love and this was a tiny bit but they did take a lot of time to get to know each other and didn’t hop straight in bed. Serenity shares a dream with a young girl named Emma (who is a genius) and we begin to see a little about the purpose of these two girls.
Through a series of fate and maybe some divine meddling Emma ends up in the same town as Serenity and shortly after meets her. They share an instant connection and Serenity’s whole family loves Emma as well. Emma’s living with an aunt that is a drunk and addict and things aren’t great but she does literally have an angel watching her back. Well I can’t say too much more with giving away Spoilers.. and since I almost always quote River Song (Doctor Who) you know I won’t!
But I will give you this…
Yes tears were shed…. So go forth and read Quinn’s latest book it is so worth your time!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ana gives us the low down on The Eighth Day!

Please welcome our first kid reviewer for The Book Whisperers Ana. Ana is nine years old and loves to read. We are so excited to bring you her very first official book review right here on our blog!

I was very impressed with Ana's review and couldn't wait to share it with you all. Ana read and reviewed the book The Eighth Day by Dianne K. Salerni. So without further ado below is Ana's answers to our book review questions.

The Book Whisperers: What was the book about? 
Ana: After Jaxon's parents died he has to go live with Riley, a stranger. When Jax is with Riley he experiences the 8th day, and Jax thinks here is an apocalypse because when he wakes up there are no people around. He sees a shadow in his next door neighbor's window. The "ghost" only shows up on the 8th day. He thinks he is left alone, and then he starts discovering why he was sent to Riley's house after all.
The Book Whisperers:: What was your favorite part of the story and why?
Ana: My favorite part of the book was when Jax thought it was an apocalypse. It was very funny after I figured out what happened, and it was something I would do too.
The Book Whisperers: What sort of book was it? What genre, was it fiction or non-fiction?
Ana: This book is fiction, or at least I really hope so. LOL
The Book Whisperers: Were there illustrations? What did you think of them?
Ana: This book had just a few illustrations. I thought they were good. I liked seeing the tattoo that the author described in the book.
The Book Whisperers: Did you like the book? Why or why not? Did it make you laugh, cry, scream? What was your emotional response to the book?
Ana:I LOVED the book because it was funny in parts, a little scary and kept me interested.
The Book Whisperers: How did you feel about the characters? Did you feel as if you were experiencing the book right alongside them? did you feel the characters needed more work?
Ana: I felt that Jax was a scary cat sometimes. But he was just a teenager. I would probably be scared too. Riley was an irresponsible teenager, and sometimes I didn't like him the way he was treating Jax.
The Book Whisperers would like to thank Ana for her participation in our Summer Reading Little Book Reviewers. Ana's mom told us she loved doing the book interview/review so much she can't wait to do another one and she loved how the questions made her think about the book in a different way than a regular school book report would do.
I think Ana did a fantastic job and we loved her sense of humor!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Graveyard Shift misses the mark.

Graveyard Shift by Angela Roquet

            All that I can say about this book can be summed up in one succinct statement, so much wasted potential. Lana is a low-risk grim reaper from Eternity. In this setting all of the gods are included from Egyptian to Christian. Interesting right? Yes it is except the representative of Christian heaven is a drunk archangel Gabriel, which I am not really offended by just not excited that most of the gods are semi sort of flattering portrayals’ while a mostly unflattering one is portrayed for Christians. I like the concept she is going with an acceptance and togetherness. The souls are marked for their own destinations based on beliefs, I just felt that she didn’t quite achieve what she was going for unless she wanted Christians to be represented by a drunk archangel and kind of look like fools then I would say mission accomplished. As for why the rest of it fell flat I would say that she put so much in there that it became a little confusing to follow along. Apparently Lana is just a regular old reaper she can find special souls. But that idea wasn’t clarified or really explained other than Grim who is in charge because he can do the same thing. Confused now, yeah so am I. 

           Oh and the love interest Maalik who is an Islamic angel stationed in Hell. Hmm okay beginning of the book she finds him creepy and doesn’t like him. He is quite fascinated with her and recommends her for promotion because he knows she can find these special souls. Suddenly he is walking her home and then they are dating and after a whole bunch of other stuff happens in the book they are getting down and dirty. Yes that is the total progression of said love interest and I actually didn’t leave anything out. So again possible potential but the delivery was just flat and blah. I mean seriously who goes from being creeped out to dating without any real change delivered in the book unless I am supposed to believe she was just so flattered that he recommended her for promotion that she insta-liked him. Huh…exactly confusing and very blah. I feel like I have been a little harsh on the book and maybe so but it just had so much wasted potential and it could have been something I loved instead of something I felt like I shouldn’t finished.  

Review by: Roxanne