Monday, September 8, 2014

Humor, Soulmates, and the Fae OH MY!

This week I'm going to focus on an Independent Author who has an established series already out. Many of you know Quinn Loftis from her Grey Wolf Series which has won YA book awards with it's humor and powerful story line. If you haven't read this series then I invite you to crawl out of whatever cave you've been hiding in and join the rest of society.

Now Quinn has begun a new series that deals strictly with the Fae in her book ELFIN. The new series has two books already out and I for one can't wait for the third.

In this first book we meet the main character Cassandra, Cassie, for short who finds herself on the receiving end of the baddest, scariest, most deadly Elf Assassin known to Fae. Tric is a dark elf who meets Cassie in, of all places, a storage room where she ducks in to hide from the light elves. 

The humor and witty comebacks not to mention Cassie's best friend Elora will have you laughing till you cry. The story line is just as powerful as the Grey Wolves story line and the cast of characters in this new series is even better put together. In this latest series you can really see the maturity and growth of Quinn's writing. 

I enjoyed this book immensely. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a literary upper after coming down from a literary downer. This is an action packed, roller coaster, free for all of adrenaline, humor and love because what's a great story without an even greater love interest. Just as in the Grey Wolves series where the wolves all had to find their mates in the Elfin the Elves whether light or dark, are all given one Chosen by the Forest Lords. The Chosen is that one special person or elf that completes you and that you'll do anything to keep, even break all the rules and tempt a whole lot of bad karma. 

My best friend Rox lives in a whole other state from me. Sad I know, and yet when I was reading this book the camaraderie between Elora and Cassie had me feeling like I was reading about me and my best friend. I felt like she was right there with me the whole time and even caught myself talking out loud to her during a few of the more intense scenes. 

Quinn Loftis has created a series so amazingly well imagined that you'll forget you're here on good ole' planet Earth and not lost in the Fae Realm along with Cassie and Elora. 

Here are a few teasers from Elfin and this doesn't convince you to pick this book up at Amazon then what the hell are you still doing reading my reviews.

"Halloween is here and once again I'm struggling to pick a costume. Once again I am trying desperately to ward off Elora's attempts to turn me into some sort of gothic princess or dark fairy. If you happen to see me strutting down the street in a halter top with wings, glitter in my hair, and three inch heels, please shoot me on sight"

If you don't catch yourself drooling over the baddest bad boy to ever grace the pages of Independent Author-dom then you my friend are simply dead inside. 

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