Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh so Furry!

That's right ladies and Were's we have another series by the great and wonderful Quinn Loftis. This is actually a completed series by her so there's no desperately waiting for the next book to come out with this one. This series has 7 books in total and not one cost more $3.99. There is an 8th book but it's more of a Prequel to the whole series as it centers around Vasile and Alina the two head Alpha's of the Romanian pack. She also has a spin off series she has recently begun with this original series that centers on the Gypsy Healers. I'm not ashamed to say that I've read ALL of them and I can't tell you which one is better.

I would suggest starting with this series before attempting to jump over to her spin off series only so you'll know and understand the characters with more in depth knowledge.

Let's get back to these hot hot werewolves shall we?

Unlike most stories that involve paranormal aspects Quinn keeps her characters pretty level headed. For instance, have you ever read a book where you thought "damn if she'd just have told him that piece of information all this other crap could have been avoided?" It's frustrating isn't. Well you won't find too many instances of that in these books. Quinn keeps her characters true to form and still manages to weave a rich and detailed world of mystery, danger, humor, and suspense. I dare you to read these books and pick a favorite character. You can't each one is central and needed to support the roles of the others and to keep the story moving.

There are three main female characters in the series Jacque, Jen, and Sally. Quinn has styled these characters after her own best friends so don't be surprised if you find yourself wishing you were a member of their tight knit group, I certainly did.

Jacque is a spunky red head she's the first character you meet in Prince of Wolves. I can't say too much about her without giving away the first book sorry ya'll.

Jen is everyone's favorite wild child, she's the foul mouthed, loud, brash, blonde Texan of the group and she will keep you rolling in stitches. Here's one of my favorite Jen and Sally interaction from Prince of Wolves. This should give you some idea of how awesome these girls are together.

Then there's Sally she's the glue that holds them all together. Sally is kind hearted a bit quiet, and a little shy but don't push this introvert too far because she'll access her inner Jen and let you have it Texas Style.

I'll sum all three of them up for you with this one picture.
Let's not forgot the men either because what's a great werewolf story without gorgeous werewolves.

Fane is the crown prince of the Romanian pack the only living child of Vasile and Alina. He comes to Texas as a foreign exchange student and meets Jacque, in a round about way, his first night there. He's young and he knows it and it's a wonderful twist of literary storytelling that he actually trust his parents and reaches out to them the very first time he needs help.

Later in the story you'll meet Decebel, mmmmm yummy Decebel or Dec as Jen refers to him. There's nothing more fun than watching these two characters go head to head in verbal sparring matches. Decebel is old world dominant wolf, think silent but deadly he's the Beta of the Romanian pack right hand wolf to Vasile. Dec doesn't say much but then when you have the power to be an alpha in your own right you really don't need words to make your threats.

You'll meet so many drool worthy werewolves with hilarious acronyms courtesy of Jen you'll have a hard time deciding which one you want for yourself.

Here's a pictorial of the first few books in the series.

Let me leave you with these great excerpts from the first book in the series Prince of Wolves.

OK their all Jen quotes but really she's just so damn quotable!

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