Monday, October 27, 2014

Reformed, Rehabbed, Remission

I'm a self confessed spoiler of books and movies. I've tried, really tried, to avoid this bad habit in this blog but I have to say it's going to be hard! I promise to warn you readers if I feel a spoiler coming on and you can feel free to skip over to the next part. 

If you've read the other Ghost Bird series of books from my earlier blog then you know how excited I've been for book seven to hit the markets. I had this release date circled in my planner months ago and I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I read the whole thing in one sitting only to immediately flip right back to page one and start again. 

As you can see from the title of this book it's mostly about Silas *Le sigh* our resident Greek God. I know Sang loves all the boys from the Academy equally and doesn't choose favorites but I'm not Sang and Silas is one of my favorite boys, right up there with Luke and Gabriel. 

C.L. Stone does not disappoint us with her latest book. As you know from the previous books the Academy guys are facing opposition on every front from the school, from Volto, and Sang's family issues are impeding their investigation. Those who are up to date like me will be pleased to note that a few of those loose ends get wrapped up in this book. The Academy boys switch up their tactics and turn the table on Principal Hendricks and even catch up with Mr. McCoy. You'll see some heart pounding, edge of your seat, moments in this latest book.

Then there's Silas Korba. We'll learn more about the sweet, silent, greek in House of Korba. You'll learn about his blood family and how Silas came to be a part of the Academy. I dare you not to cry when you read about his mother and brother Theo. His father Charlie is endearing and you can see where Silas gets his sweet side from in this book. You'll also blush fire engine red when you see how he flirts outrageously with Sang and laugh out loud when you read about the prank the boys pull on him. You'll see a side of Silas you've never seen before in this book and I for one hope that side shows up a little more often. I have one word for Silas Korba when he turns on the Greek charm and that's INTENSE. 

One of the best and most awkward scenes in the book is a face off between Silas and North with Sang in the middle. O-M-G! 

If you haven't gotten your copy of House of Korba yet then you need to stop reading my blog and go get your copy. Don't leave yourself hanging after book six and hello SILAS!!!

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