Monday, March 2, 2015

New Year New Author to debut on the blog!

You didn't think I forgot about you all did you? The close of last year and the beginning of this one has been crazy but it's starting to settle down and I finally have time to introduce you all to K. A. Tucker! She's an award winning Indie Author whose sweeping the internet with her multiple book series. She's a versatile writer who writes both paranormal YA fiction and what I like to call real life YA romance. She has something for everyone and today it's my privilege to tell you about her two completed YA series and introduce you to her new one.

First up on the roster is her Causal Enchantment Series. Right now you can get the first book in this series at Amazon for free! You all know how I like freebies and Amazon is the equivalent of a drug pusher for books. The first ones free to hook you and then you gotta pay for the rest, but in this case it's all good, because the next books are an easy to manage $2.99. Cheaper than a night out and way more fun.
The first book is called Anathema. Now for those of you who aren't familiar with Greek or theological terms here's the definition for the word Anathema: A person or thing detested or loathed.
2: A person or thing consigned to damnation or destruction
3: Curse or extraction.
In the case of this book it's properly named because the main character is born cursed. Now before you ask me the curse doesn't show up as a theme in the book until, like, chapter 7 so you do have do some hanging in there before the first book really takes off. I PROMISE you if you hang in there it will be worth it and by the end of that first book you'll be dying to read the second one which is aptly named Asylum.

Now I haven't read the second book YET but it's on my wish list and I hope to be reading before the end of the week.
I double dog dare you not to fall in love with these characters.

Her second YA series is not paranormal at all and I can't say I've read them yet but I'm behind on my TBR list so this will definitely be moving up in the reading list. If paranormal is not your thing this may be the series for you. It's YA so it's a nice quick read for those of you out there with busy lives, kids, work, school, the basics of living that impead on your reading time. 
Her second series is called the TEN TINY BREATHS series and it follows the lives of two sisters. The first book in the series "Ten Tiny Breaths" kicks the story off with the tragic loss of the Cleary sisters parents in a drunk driving accident. Older sister Kacey has to take on the care and raising of younger sister Livie and they move to Florida for that fresh new start. This is a romance novel so expect some mushy, gushy scenes but if K.A. Tuckers character development holds true you can expect rich backgrounds, three dimensional characters that are relatable and human, and one hell of story that grips you and drags you in. I for one am looking forward to reading TEN TINY BREATHS and finding out more about the Cleary sisters and how they manage to move on from this tragedy.
This series is a bit pricier but you can pick the books up from any of the below retailers.

expect to pay an average of $7.99 per book.

Now to her new series. There are only two books out in this series so far so you can easily catch up. This series is for all of you mystery lovers out there and yes I'm one too. I love a good mystery especially when there's shady people involved. The name of this series is Burying Water and that just so happens to also be the title of the first book in the series.

If you're thinking what I was when I first saw this book and looked at the cover then let me enlighten you. Water is the name of the girl on the cover. That's not her real name though and I'm not going to spoil the book and tell you details. All you, the potential reader, needs to know is that the main character is left for dead in the Oregon desert but miraculously survives only to wake up in the hospital and not be able to remember anything. It's amnesia with horse farms, crotchety old ladies, and shady next door neighbors. It's a dark mystery that sets the background for the follow up novel in this series "Becoming Rain"which is due to be released TOMORROW!! Yes March 3rd is going to be a banner day for Indie Author book lovers. 

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