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April Showers...It's raining men Hallelujah!

April's Book Review is all about Jennifer L. Armentrout.
Put your hands together for one of the best authors of book boyfriends everywhere!!

Let's get this fangirl fest kick started with the series that first hit my radar and made me fall in love with this author. Now normally I'm not one to get all girly over a book about aliens but Daemon Black can be my E.T. any day or hell any of those hot aliens the LUX series. Not only are the guys totally swoon worthy but the girls kick major ass all throughout the whole series. Take a gander at all this hotness!!

And because you know we love our book quote's here's one of my favorite from the first book in the series.

There are more books in the series and the correct reading order is:
Shadows (prequel novella)
This series is complete and the author currently has no plans for any spin off books. As an avid reader of this series that makes me sort of sad, or it would, if she didn't also have my next favorite series.......THE COVENANT series.
Seriously it should be a crime to be this successful in your series writing. She's one of only a few authors that I've read that doesn't fall into the dreaded bad last book pit. 

Where Lux is all about hot aliens and world domination The Covenant series is all about the Greeks. Yeah hot Greek Gods, Helloooo Apollo! Freakishly attractive Pure Bloods and wicked fast, and wicked deadly Half-Bloods. If you loved studying Mythology in middle school or found yourself unwillingly pulled into the world of Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief then you're going to love the more mature version in the THE COVENANT series. 
It's hard to pick a favorite character or even root for just one because they are all so well developed and written. The main characters are:
Alexandria (Alex to everyone else) a half blood who wants to be a Sentinel and has the hots for a Pure. This a major no no in the world of The Covenant. She's snarky, She's sarcastic, she kicks major ass on a regular basis and she's so wonderfully flawed. She's got her ego and her selfishness to contend with throughout the book so you like her but you're not overwhelmed by her.

Aiden St. Delphi (Sentinel) a pure blood who finds and rescues Alex when she's out in the mortal world. He agrees to train her to help her overcome the three years she was missing from the covenant. Aiden is oh just yummy with a spoon. He's Alex's complete opposite the Yin to her Yang. The way these two play off each other is enough to keep you up reading into the wee early morning hours.

 Seth he's the Apollyon which is basically a suped up half blood. He's the be all and end all of Sentinals. He's also arrogant, self centered, sarcastic, and did we mention self centered? Seth doesn't believe in personal space. He also doesn't believe in the word NO. He's funny and in a really twisted way he's a lot like Alex.

Caleb Alex's best friend and fellow half blood. You love Caleb from the get go and you never stop loving this character. He's the grounding force in Alex's life and he's just an all around awesome guy.

Marcus Andros he's the Dean of the Deity Island Covenant and Alex's uncle. He's responsible for her being there but be prepared to change your mind about this character toward the end of the series. He's tough but fair and the others look to him for leadership. Everyone except Alex that is.

There are many more characters but these are some of the core characters that make this series worth the read. 

And for your Covenant Series Quote:

The Dark Elements is another series of hers that I've only begun to read. If this series holds up like the last two I know I won't be dissappointed. I'll review that series when I've completed reading them. In the meantime enjoy all the yummy, kick ass, awesome storylines of the above two series. 

For more information on Jennifer's complete body of work visit her website at

You can find all of her books at online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBooks.

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