Friday, May 22, 2015

Viva Elizabeth Reyes!!!

Introducing for the first time on our blog Elizabeth Reyes. The above picture was taken from her author website If you haven't taken a gander at her website I highly encourage you to as it's very nicely put together and easy to navigate. As a reviewer of independent authors I spend a lot of time surfing author web pages to source new books for this blog so I appreciate a well put together author website that lets me really get to know the author before I review their work here for you all to see.

I've reviewed authors from every genre and now I get to introduce you all not only to a richly original author but to one of my favorite sports as well. I'm so excited to introduce you all to the 5th Street boys. These boys are Latin and their boxers and they are HOT HOT HOT! Other than being ridiculously good looking they are also very real and relatable. The love stories between each of the boys and their female counterparts are so heartrendingly realistic.

The first book in this series is simply titled Noah and it's about Noah. I like that she started this series with this character as he's the most raw and the sweetest of all the 5th Street boys. Noah is from the foster care system in Los Angeles and he credits his salvation to the 5th Street gym and it's owner Jack. He's young only 19 when he meets Veronica or Roni to her friends and he's assigned to her as her personal trainer. Roni is much older at 27 and this age difference is the struggle they both go through trying to come to terms with their relationship. Noah, because of his upbringing, is a very mature individual even at 19 he's more mature than the older men in both Roni and her best friend's life a fact that Noah points out on more than one occasion. You'll have your heart skipping beats right along with Roni as you discover the sweet and mature side of Noah and you'll be drooling right along with her when she discovers the Alpha Male side of him as well. In short this is a great first book to kick off the series and I especially love how each book really could be read as a stand alone.

There are five boxers and each book is titled with the name of the boxer whose story it is. It's difficult to decide which one is my favorite. I confess I read all five of them in a week and then turned around and re-read them again just because I didn't want to say goodbye to the 5th Street Boys.

These books were recommended to me by my suggestion page on Amazon where you can purchase them for a very reasonable fee.

Here are the covers below because we all like our man candy and what's sexier than a boxer?!

Go ahead and try to pick your favorite 5th Street Boy..I double dog dare you!!


  1. I LOVE the 5th Street men!

    1. The Book WhisperersOctober 28, 2015 at 2:18 PM

      We love them too!! I'm actually re-reading this series because Hellooooo hot latin boxers..what's not to love right!