Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ana gives us the low down on The Eighth Day!

Please welcome our first kid reviewer for The Book Whisperers Ana. Ana is nine years old and loves to read. We are so excited to bring you her very first official book review right here on our blog!

I was very impressed with Ana's review and couldn't wait to share it with you all. Ana read and reviewed the book The Eighth Day by Dianne K. Salerni. So without further ado below is Ana's answers to our book review questions.

The Book Whisperers: What was the book about? 
Ana: After Jaxon's parents died he has to go live with Riley, a stranger. When Jax is with Riley he experiences the 8th day, and Jax thinks here is an apocalypse because when he wakes up there are no people around. He sees a shadow in his next door neighbor's window. The "ghost" only shows up on the 8th day. He thinks he is left alone, and then he starts discovering why he was sent to Riley's house after all.
The Book Whisperers:: What was your favorite part of the story and why?
Ana: My favorite part of the book was when Jax thought it was an apocalypse. It was very funny after I figured out what happened, and it was something I would do too.
The Book Whisperers: What sort of book was it? What genre, was it fiction or non-fiction?
Ana: This book is fiction, or at least I really hope so. LOL
The Book Whisperers: Were there illustrations? What did you think of them?
Ana: This book had just a few illustrations. I thought they were good. I liked seeing the tattoo that the author described in the book.
The Book Whisperers: Did you like the book? Why or why not? Did it make you laugh, cry, scream? What was your emotional response to the book?
Ana:I LOVED the book because it was funny in parts, a little scary and kept me interested.
The Book Whisperers: How did you feel about the characters? Did you feel as if you were experiencing the book right alongside them? did you feel the characters needed more work?
Ana: I felt that Jax was a scary cat sometimes. But he was just a teenager. I would probably be scared too. Riley was an irresponsible teenager, and sometimes I didn't like him the way he was treating Jax.
The Book Whisperers would like to thank Ana for her participation in our Summer Reading Little Book Reviewers. Ana's mom told us she loved doing the book interview/review so much she can't wait to do another one and she loved how the questions made her think about the book in a different way than a regular school book report would do.
I think Ana did a fantastic job and we loved her sense of humor!

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