Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Graveyard Shift misses the mark.

Graveyard Shift by Angela Roquet

            All that I can say about this book can be summed up in one succinct statement, so much wasted potential. Lana is a low-risk grim reaper from Eternity. In this setting all of the gods are included from Egyptian to Christian. Interesting right? Yes it is except the representative of Christian heaven is a drunk archangel Gabriel, which I am not really offended by just not excited that most of the gods are semi sort of flattering portrayals’ while a mostly unflattering one is portrayed for Christians. I like the concept she is going with an acceptance and togetherness. The souls are marked for their own destinations based on beliefs, I just felt that she didn’t quite achieve what she was going for unless she wanted Christians to be represented by a drunk archangel and kind of look like fools then I would say mission accomplished. As for why the rest of it fell flat I would say that she put so much in there that it became a little confusing to follow along. Apparently Lana is just a regular old reaper she can find special souls. But that idea wasn’t clarified or really explained other than Grim who is in charge because he can do the same thing. Confused now, yeah so am I. 

           Oh and the love interest Maalik who is an Islamic angel stationed in Hell. Hmm okay beginning of the book she finds him creepy and doesn’t like him. He is quite fascinated with her and recommends her for promotion because he knows she can find these special souls. Suddenly he is walking her home and then they are dating and after a whole bunch of other stuff happens in the book they are getting down and dirty. Yes that is the total progression of said love interest and I actually didn’t leave anything out. So again possible potential but the delivery was just flat and blah. I mean seriously who goes from being creeped out to dating without any real change delivered in the book unless I am supposed to believe she was just so flattered that he recommended her for promotion that she insta-liked him. Huh…exactly confusing and very blah. I feel like I have been a little harsh on the book and maybe so but it just had so much wasted potential and it could have been something I loved instead of something I felt like I shouldn’t finished.  

Review by: Roxanne


  1. It's not often we review a book that we didn't so much care for. This one seemed promising but sadly it could have benefited from some serious editing. Wrainbeau

  2. It is sad when you read a book that you just can't get into. But it does happen!