Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quinn Loftis has the Midas Touch

Dream of Me by Quinn Loftis

I have read several of Quinn’s books starting with the Elfin series, of which Elfin is the first book! I am up to date on that series and currently waiting for the 3rd book Surrender to come out. If you love Faeries than this series is for you!!! I am up to book 3 in the Grey Wolves series and enjoy those as well! So if you love werewolves this series is for you!
So now that I have plugged all her books in this review about Dream of Me I have decided that whatever Quinn Loftis wants to write about she will and she will do it well!  So this books not werewolves not vampires, not Fae or anything you would normally find. The Sandman, right totally different! I was down for how this could turn out.

In Dream of Me the Sandman or Dair weaves dreams for important people. The Creator who sees all and knows all sends him to weave these dreams to show them the possibilities of what they might do.  It is still up to free will and there can be no influence one way or another. Dair’s latest assignment is Sarah better known as Serenity. Dair is immediately attracted to her and begins to spend extra time watching her in her day to day life. Somewhere along the way he falls for her. I will say this I am not a super fan of insta-love and this was a tiny bit but they did take a lot of time to get to know each other and didn’t hop straight in bed. Serenity shares a dream with a young girl named Emma (who is a genius) and we begin to see a little about the purpose of these two girls.
Through a series of fate and maybe some divine meddling Emma ends up in the same town as Serenity and shortly after meets her. They share an instant connection and Serenity’s whole family loves Emma as well. Emma’s living with an aunt that is a drunk and addict and things aren’t great but she does literally have an angel watching her back. Well I can’t say too much more with giving away Spoilers.. and since I almost always quote River Song (Doctor Who) you know I won’t!
But I will give you this…
Yes tears were shed…. So go forth and read Quinn’s latest book it is so worth your time!

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