Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review of Bloodlines by Lynn Lipinski

In keeping with Halloween I saw this intriguing book on Net Galley and thought I have to read and review this! 
So I opened it up and couldn't stop reading. Lynn Lipinski's debut novel Bloodlines is a great thriller that really keeps you guessing until the end.
Zane is a young man who finds out his mother had died in fire, he was out drinking the night before and really doesn't remember anything. So when the police question him a lot he begins to wonder if something happened and he is responsible for her death.
Lettie his sister, is left in his care after his mother's death and she goes on the journey with him to figure out what really happened that night. It's so hard to to not blurt everything out, but this is a challenging moment for me to say just enough without giving it all away. Shortly after his mother's death Zane receives a message saying Sherri Clearwater doesn't exist and a link to an article about Lily Davis and Jeremiah Doom. As he begins to figure more about who his mother really is, and who his father is, Zane begins to realize there is more at play here. Will he figure it out before he goes to jail, or it costs him his sister's life?

This book, I didn't want to believe even two chapters in too it, that Zane was capable of murder, but initially you have to wonder if he was drunk and blackout, did something happen? However as things begin to unfold you really find that this book keeps you guessing until the bitter end. I did have an inkling about the killer before the ending but I really didn't figure out that much sooner than when the author lays it out for you. I loved Zane and Lettie, they were totally awesome and their love of each other really stood out in this book! So if you looking for a creepy spooky read for Halloween look no further, because this book is the one for you!!!

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