Thursday, November 19, 2015

I know, I know warm and fuzzy..yeah not so much

I got a free copy of this from JellyBooks LTD.
I know this month was supposed to be warm and fuzzy and this isn't the warmest or fuzziest book at all. I have seen blurbs talking about it being like Gone Girl or Girl on the train and I just can't agree with this. Is the book dark and sort of twisty, yes but not in a Gone Girl vibe and not on  Girl on train either.

Tiffani Fanelli is a girl that reinvented herself, she even has dropped the Tiff and just goes by Ani and her life is pretty perfect now. She has a great career, all the right clothes and even the very right upper crust fiance. But she just isn't very happy, and we learn slowly over the course of the book the events that she is hiding in her new life.

Normally I am not a spoilers kind of person and I really will go out of my avoid to them, but from here on out if you don't want to know stop reading!

Tiffani (spelled funky in the book for reasoning's I still haven't grasped) is a fat unhappy catholic girl that gets into some prestigious high school, and finds that it's filled with assholes.  They torture, rape and abuse her and other kids until one day it all goes wrong.

Getting a little ahead of myself and I dropped some major spoilers there but when I get to what I don't like about the book I have to bring those up. In fact the only person that is really kind to her is Arthur, a fat gay boy... yeah see where this is going.  They strike up a friendship and Arthur really stands up for her, but when he tells her how he really feels the friendship explodes and then so does everything else when Arthur and Ben attack the high school in a Columbine type shooting, except they solely target the kids that attacked them and bullied them, and when Arthur turns on Tiffani well spoilers... I won't spoil that!!!

First of it may seem like I didn't like the book I did, it took a little bit for me to get into it and that's because initially I had  no idea where it was going, the flashbacks didn't help and I was on the verge of giving up because I had no clue when it was all going to be uncovered. Except it did start making sense and I really wanted and needed to know what the heck happened. When I read about the shooting I was totally shocked, I didn't see that coming and what happened after that kind of floored me, so I rated this a four on good reads because I did really enjoy the book.

That being said here was my only major issue, I don't know if it was because the character was cold and out of touch with herself but everything bad that happened, from the bullying and the rape, and the shooting didn't strike any emotional cord with me. I didn't even feel bad (and that's horrible to admit) but really all I could think was those kids were assholes, so I connected on the anger level towards the bullies and the rapists' but I didn't connect with Tiffani when those things happened to her and the shooting at the school. I think if I would have connected I probably would have rated this a five, because these are some heavy hitting issues and this book could have packed a major emotional wallop with it all done right.

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