Thursday, November 5, 2015

Last Halloween read is a twisty creepy ride!!!

Review of Dead Ringer by Jessie Rosen

I received a copy of this Arc via Netgalley!!!

Where to start....I mean seriously so Laura Rivers starts her first day at school to find everyone staring at her in horror. The only person who even attempts to be nice is Charlie... then she finds out the reason, everyone thinks she looks like Sarah who killed herself almost two years ago.

She begins go get closer to Charlie, only to see him falling apart as someone closes in on his secrets...

The book is told from three pov's Laura's, Sasha, and Charlie... Sadly I cannot say too much about Sasha other than she is on the hunt to find out what happened to Sarah.  I can say this is a dark twisty thriller that will keep the shocks coming.

Honestly I hate the fact that I can't say too much with spoiling things, but I can say this Sasha messes with Charlie and his three friends once she finds out that know more about what happened the night Sarah died. Laura and Charlie have a interesting relationship/friendship... All I can say is once the major twist is unveiled that's when this book gets Gone Girl on you. I mean it like some dark twisty in major ways.

Honestly I liked them all in the beginning other than Amanda who is clearly the unlikeable character in this book, however, by the end of the book I didn't like any of them... I was just shocked, disgusted and so many other words.

I thought this was a standalone but it ended on a major cliffhanger so I hope or sincerely hope that the author has a book 2 planned, because this girl needs to know how this ends and if anyone can get out of the craziness alive.

So if you looking for something along the lines of Gone Girl in Ya this book is so for you, even when I sort of suspected a couple of things I was still like literally put the book down shocked when it was unveiled. This book is so good! 

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