Thursday, November 5, 2015

Release Date Teaser from Amelia Hutchins!!!

Trolling through Facebook and checking in with our authors pages I ran across the following Book Warning and it was just so much win that I HAD to share it here with you all!!

Warning from A Demon's Dark Embrace
Warning! This book is intended for mature and adult audiences.
A Demon’s Dark Embrace is the first book in The Elite Guards Series. This is a companion series to The Fae Chronicles Series; Reading The Fae Chronicles is not absolutely required to enjoy The Elite Guards Series, however you will have a much greater enjoyment of it if you do. The first book of The Fae Chronicles Series is Fighting Destiny and it can be found with reputable book sellers for your convenience.
A Demon’s Dark Embrace tells the behind the scenes story that the reader did not see in Seducing Destiny and then some! Just like The Fae Chronicles Series: If you prefer adorable and sparkly Fairies, Demons and Vampires…look elsewhere.
This story is told in narrative format rather than the first person. The story is dark, gritty, tear jerking, panty soaking, edge of seat grabbing, and does have some questionable scenes that more sensitive readers may not enjoy. It does contain hot asshole alphas that seduce and wreck sensibilities. Explicit language is used liberally as is the use of magic in acts of naughtiness. The author strongly advises buying batteries or securing a willing victim to your bed while reading this book. (Handcuffs are optional.) Side effects include, but are not limited to: lip biting and/ or chewing, screaming at the author, wet panties, unexplained leaking from the eyes, or other parts of the body. Some people may experience strange attachment to characters, and may scream for the next book in the series immediately after reading. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, do not seek a health care professional. Thank the author and wait for the next book in the series. (Stalking the author is normal behavior. Rest assured she has already started the next in the series.)

I freely admit I've been internet stalking this book. Ristan is one of my all time favorite secondary characters from a series and I am beyond excited and thrilled to read his own story. Since the release date is also printed on the book we'll just call this post a release date teaser!!! 

Can I say to you all that I'm insanely jealous that I didn't think up that book warning myself! Ah well there in lies the difference between us reviewers and the writers themselves. 

Excuse me while I go scream in anticipation of my favorite Elite Guard Ristan!

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