Monday, November 30, 2015

This is one is at least about family!!

If you have not read

Then stop right now and go read this one first!!! Otherwise you will be totally lost.
I received a copy of an e-arc from Netgalley and Entangled Teen.

Ascendancy by Karri Thompson
This book picks up right where book one ends. Although I will say the way Mirror X ends makes you think Cassie and Michael have been recaptured.  Ascendancy is certainly action packed. Cassie and Michael are on the run trying to get back Cassie's twin daughters. They are just barely staying ahead of the opposition.
Cassie continues to be lied to, and let down. She and Michael believe they are going to be reunited with their daughters in another region only to find that their daughters aren't there and no one knows where they are. They barely escape with their lives from Mia. They head back to Trail's to get help again only to find that he has been taken.  At this point they try to contact the resistance and end up with Victoria taken into hiding so that they can continue with their search for the twins.
Will they find them?

I hope that this is a middle book, I haven't been able to find any information about a book 3 and if that is the case it would change how I feel about the book a tad, because this book definitely ends like a middle book, some resolution but with a for sure cliffhanger. There were some major twists in this book that I seriously want to squeal about but can't because spoilers so needless to say if you enjoyed book 1 then you must read this one!

I still love Cassie, and feel horrible for her. It feels like from the moment she awoke, she has been lied to, used and manipulated. It almost feels like it is never going to end and that still frustrates me. I really just want her to kick butt and take names. I am still not quite into her and Michael but I don't hate them either. This book was so fast paced and action packed that I felt like I was just flying threw the whole book. I loved it, it was a great follow-up and I still adore the realistic premise of these novels! So if you are looking for a futuristic sci-fi feel than look no further The Van Wrinkle Project series is so good. Realistic, gritty and a little dark!

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