Friday, January 15, 2016

Favorite Series from 2015

It's the New Year which means new release and new books and new characters and OH MY GOSH so much newness!!!

Before we get into the release dates coming up this year we thought we'd take a moment and revisit some of the series that we loved from the year 2015.

We're not going to rank them but we are going to list them, cause we're just cool like that.

Here they are in no particular order:

1: The Grey Wolves series by Quinn Loftis
These books are under the genre of Young Adult but these character face some pretty harrowing situations and issues that in this book reviewers opinion should bump these books to college adult at least. Quinn Loftis hasn't written a bad book yet so you can't go wrong with anything from her.

2: Vampire For Hire series by J.R. Rain
We love J.R. Rain!!! He's writes what I lovingly refer to as serial novellas. His characters are so three dimensional and relatable that sometimes you forget they're paranormal at know until the whole blood drinking thing. J.R. Rain has an entire literary world on Amazon and because he's just that awesome of an author he's even got a place where fans can write their own stories about his characters and sell them on Amazon as well. J.R. Rain really is Amazon's best kept secret and we're looking forward to more of his characters in the future.

3: The Ancient Guardians by S.L. Morgan
Ok I freely admit that these books are what spawned this entire book review blog to begin with. S.L. Morgan writes a series of books that are a little bit Sci-Fi, a little bit High Fantasy, and a dash of Jane Austen. These books literally defy genre and her masterful handling of the prose and the rich details of her characters and her worlds (yes plural worlds) is what makes these books so amazing. S.L. Morgans fourth and final book in the series comes out this year and WE CAN NOT WAIT that last book left us broken and bleeding on the floor. Way to Kagawa us readers S.L.

4: Throne of Glass by S.J. Maas
As if you need me to go into details on the epicness of this series. S.J. Maas's high fantasy world of assassins, fae, evil kings, and de-throned queens has it's own massive following on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and pretty much EVERYWHERE. She has created a world so rich, so detailed, it feels like literal history instead of fiction. These books should come with a warning label: WARNING Literary addiction eminent when reading this series. Prepare to abandon all pretenses of an actual life.

5: The ChicagoLand Vampires by Chloe Neill
I stumbled on these books by accident early last year in 2015 and I haven't looked back since. Yes I even joined her mailing list and regularly stalk her webpage. Merit and Ethan are quite possibly my two favorite OTP's in a paranormal/vampire series. Chloe Neill will make you laugh out loud, cry into your coffee, and gasp in shock and horror. Each successful books gets better and better in the series. Can't wait for March 1st when the second to last book in the series releases. Bring on Midnight Marked!!

6: The Addicted Series by Krista and Becca Ritchie
This series is so powerful and so raw and so real that you'll forget you're reading about fictional characters. The Addicted Series is written for audiences 18 and over due to the nature of the issues that are faced by these characters. The two main characters Lilly and Loren are addicts. Lilly is a sex addict and Loren is an alcoholic. Krist and Becca Ritchie don't hold back in their attention to these addictions and the supporting characters that help them. This series is possibly one of my favorites because of the bravery involved in putting a female face to an addiction that is often times decried by the public as not existing or  even being recognized as an addiction at all. Lilly shows us the readers the true meaning behind bravery, and perseverance as she faces what is possibly one of the worst addictions for anyone to have. The authors use real time media references to build the social constructs that continually seek to destroy both Lilly and Lo and they don't shy away from societies double standards where female sexuality and male sexuality are unfairly judged. You'll fall in love with this series that's a given. There's humor and bromances and sisters supporting each other. At the end of this series you'll see the power of family, the tranformational properties of love, the beautiful shades of friendships and the shades of grey in media exposure.

Ok those are my 6 for 2015 stay tuned for our other book reviewer Roxanne Reber's list of her favorite series from 2015 and next week we'll be posting what you're all dying to know the release dates for the upcoming books for 2016.

Peace out ya'll!!

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