Thursday, January 21, 2016

Upcoming New Release for 2016

Brrr!! I don't know about where you live but here in Good Ole' St. Louis or the Lou as we refer to it it's cold, wet, freezing, did I mention cold? Because It's cold with a capital C. What better to endure these longer winter nights while we wait for beautiful Spring to roll around than with a great book. We're so excited to bring you our list of upcoming release for January and February and guys girls do love getting books for Valentines Day.

January New Releases:

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken.
I'm not sure if you remember the review we did for her last series, The Darkest Minds, but myself and Roxanne LOVED that trilogy though the novella's in between were two thumbs down. That being said we are excited for this new Bracken book to hit the shelves as we do love her writing style and her stories, also the cover looks cool.

TruthWitch by Susan Dennard.
This book has literally taken over my twitter feed to the exclusion of every other author out there and Goodreads, and Facebook, and pretty much every social media outlet out there. So yeah it's made our list this book was published and is available for purchase January 5th so if you're looking for a hot hot hot new read check out TruthWitch and drop us a line on our Twitter feed or facebook and let us know what you thought of this book.

Jewel of Darkness by Quinn Loftis.
We've featured Quinn's books on our blog a lot because we love her. We love her writing style we lover her characters wit, charm, flaws, and darkness we just love Quinn. Book three in the Gypsy Healers saga was published December 29th to Amazon and can be read and downloaded now. I know it's not a January new release but we missed her release date in January and did I mention that we love her, because we do, we love her a lot.

February New Release:

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard.
I'm so excited for this new book which releases February 9th. This is the second book in the Red Queen series and if you haven't read the first one then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!! This series is Epic and this second book is going straight to my Kindle on Feb. 9th.

Morning Star by Pierce Brown.
Another February 9th release for all of you that need your Sci-Fi fix Pierce Browns 3rd book in the Red Rising series is slotted to be one of the hottest new releases for February. My other reviewer and fellow book whisperer Roxanne RAVES about this series. It must be good because I've been on hold for the first in the series at the library for literally MONTHS so I know all you Red Rising fans are practically salivating at the mouth for this new release.

The Power by Jennifer L. Armentrout.
Like Quinn Loftis we love Jennifer Armentrout. She writes YA romances though I would venture to list them as epic stories of overcoming adversity. The Power is the second book in her new series Titans. This series is a spin off of her Half-Blood series and picks up where Alex's story ends. If you haven't read the Half-Blood series no bigs you can pick this series up without having read the other one BUT you will miss out on all the little details and some of the characters that were featured in that series. Still February 23rd is going to be a great day for those of us who love Seth the Apollyon.

Almost Midnight by C.C. Hunter
Did you just pee yourself a little bit in excitement? It's ok we won't tell because we have the same feels!!! Della Tsang is back in this Shadow Falls collection of short stories and it's set to release February 2nd. Pick it up and you'll get the bonus short story featuring Miranda Kane everyone's favorite clumsy witch.

Do you have any favorite reads coming up in the next two months we should know about if so please post them here or on our facebook or twitter pages and we'll feature on the next blog post.

In the meantime stay warm and dry our fellow book worms.

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