Friday, February 19, 2016

Favorite Couples from Romance's

We only have a week and half left in the month of February and with that in mind here's your list of our favorite couples from Romance Novels.

Our number one pick from the New Adult Contemporary Romance Genre is Lily and Lo from the "Addicted" Series. This series has everything we loved from this genre. It was placed in today's time frame so the technology and situations were relatable to almost everyone. What can I say about this book that hasn't been said before? The main character Lily Calloway is an invisible heiress to a soda company with a shameful, dark, addiction and her best friend Loren Hale is the heir to Hale Industries a family based company that manufactures baby items. She's a sex addict and He's an alcoholic. The Addicted series will take you on a no holds barred journey through two people's struggle to confront their addictions, and the damage it's done to their families and friends all while finding themselves and their love in the darkest of times. What's worst than being a female in today's society with this type of addiction? Being a female in today's society with this type of addiction and having it exposed and exploited on national t.v. The Addicted series is raw, real and relatable to a lot of young people who see their lives played out on such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, and reality t.v.
In the sub genre Dark Fantasy our number one pick for favorite literary couples is: Jack Winters and Chloe Harper from  "Fired Up" book one in Jayne Anne Krentz's Dream Light Trilogy.
The story begins three centuries after Nicholas Winter accidentally warps his genetic make up in a failed alchemy experiment. Jack Winters a descendant of Nicholas's begins experiencing black out and nightmares a sure sign that he is about to succumb to the Winter's Curse. Jack knows his only hope of survival rests in the finding the Dream Light Lantern and he needs the help of a woman who can read and manipulate the dream light to reverse the curse. Enter Chloe Harper, a private investigator with uncanny knack of finding lost things and the ability access dream energy. Jack needs Chloe's help in finding the Dream Light Lantern and accessing the dreamlight energy to save his sanity and possibly his life. This trilogy follows the descentdants of Nicholas Winters from the Arcane Societies series also written by Jayne Anne Krentz. It's set in the early 90's so fans of more mature romance will appreciate this story. We liked it all those years ago when we read it and even know years later Jack and Chloe's story has the ability to make us wish for our own Jack Winters. You can pick these books up at any local library or most online booksellers including Amazon. If you're looking for a new sub genre of Romance Literature I would suggest giving Jayne Anne Krentz a try as her characters are very rich and three dimensional.
One last sub genre and then we're done for this week. This is one of my personal favorite sub genre's as it mixes a great love story with mystery, thrillers, and the futuristic. So without further ado the last but sub genre is Futuristic Romance! My pick for this genre is a lethal couple that come from the future set of New York and they were conceived and brought to life by the author J.D. Robb in her In Death Series. Book one introduces us to Lt. Eve Dallas a New York city homocide investigator and her love interest Irish Billionaire Roarke. During the course of a dangerous murder investigation Eve runs across the mysterious and dangerous Roarke. Eve lives by her instincts and every one of them is telling her to stay away from Roarke especially since he's the prime suspect in the murders that she's investigating. As I said before this book has a lot of the elements I love in a good story, a mysterious and dangerous killer on the loose, secrets that keep the reader guessing as to who Roarke really is and blood pumping thriller scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat praying that Eve Dallas comes out of this one alive. This is an established series so you won't be waiting around for the next book to come out you can dive right into this futuristic world of crime, murder, and passion.

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