Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happily Ever After... or maybe not?

November 9
By Colleen Hoover

In honor of Valentine's Day, my first HEA is November 9 by Colleen Hoover. This is or was my second book by her and I admit that I fully intend to keep reading all of her books, because the feels...the feels are something else. I first read Ugly Love, and a lot of people complain about the book, but I think the title suits it and the book was a total tear fest and so many feels. So I was a little apprehensive about reading November 9, and I was totally right, I cried and cried during this book.

Fallon and Ben meet by total chance when he pretends to be her boyfriend while she is having a horrible dinner with her father. They hang out after and agree to not have any contact and to met again in one year at the same place. And so it begins while they want to make sure what they have is real, so every year it's no contact and meeting on the same date every year.

All during the year the struggle with their feelings for each other and the things that happen in their lives, until one year after a tragedy hits Ben life, everything changes, but when more secrets are unveiled, will Ben and Fallon get their happily ever after? Or will everything be broken?

This every year thing totally drove me crazy, but I was so hooked in the story I couldn't stop reading, and rooting for Ben and Fallon. When all the secrets are brought to light I cried and cried and cried. It was freaking crazy, I was so invested that I couldn't even hate anyone I just wanted to hug and love them both.

Colleen Hoover is the master at making you love her characters even when they are horribly flawed,and I am totally on board with that and can't wait to get my hands on everything she has previously written.  This is a beautifully written story full of hope, love, sadness and mistakes. So worth the read!

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