Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happily Ever After... Review of Love me Love me not by Alyxandra Harvey.

Love Me, Love Me Not By Alyxandra Harvery

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of the Arc in exchange for a fair review. 

   Okay I really wanted to love this, but it fell short for me. I will get into the good, and bad here in a minute. I have read and loved other books by Alyxandra Harvey and will continue to do so. I picked this book and really didn't read the synopsis. I thought the cover looked great and I wanted to review some romance this month.... so then I saw reviews and no one was impressed and that worried me a tad, but I don't normally let anyone's opinion sway me, because I often find that what appeals to me can totally be unappealing to someone else. So if you look at reviews as your sole recommendation for reading a book, I think you should stop! lol no seriously you can use to as a tool, but I would never let another person's opinion make that decision for you. You may miss out on something wonderful for you.

The Good:
      I love the Romeo and Juliet vibe with the swans and the foxes. I was ready for this, I mean swans and foxes are not the norm in shifter verse and I was excited at the potential. I also enjoyed them having to earn their swan cloak, and I really enjoyed that they had their own myths and magic. I also really liked the dark twist with their swan magic, how it can make humans obsessive and in some cases completely over the edge.

The Bad: For me on the flip side of the Romeo and Juliet description I was waiting for Pierce to be a fox, and I kept thinking they are going to reveal this and it will be a swan and fox in love. Totally opposites. Yeah not so much, Pierce is a pretty good guy and his friendship with Ana is solid.  The romance, I wasn't feeling it at all, not sure if I didn't connect overall with the characters, but at times I almost felt that if had explored the feud a bit more, and let the romance alone it could have been so much.

I thought this was okay, and I thought if the feud, and the main characters had been a tad more filled out and more complex, and if there was something more in the swans and foxes this book could have been amazing. The potential is there, it had a lot of the right elements, just for me fell a little short of the goal. 

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