Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello Darkness my old friend...

No One Knows by J.T. Ellison

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this arc in exchange for a fair review.

So Aubrey's husband Josh has just been declared dead after disappearing five years ago. Aubrey is just getting her life on track when she meet's a new man that reminds her of Josh. What comes next is a total twisty ride trying to find out what happened to Josh, or what really happened in general.

This book is like an onion, I mean serious layers to what was going on. In face without any spoilers I will get my biggest complaint out of the way, the ending felt a little disjointed and kind of confusing. That is the only reason this isn't a five star read for me.  There are parts in general that felt very confusing especially once you get to the end and it is all unveiled, but while those bother me a tiny bit, I feel the author did that on purpose to keep you off track until everything was let out of the closet.

This is my first book by J.T. Ellison and I would definitely be willing to read more. I like dark edgy thrillers, and No One Knows was certainly all that and more. Honestly I probably guessed everything from what actually happened too about another five theories during the course of reading this. So much was hidden, and everything was played close to the vest it was hard to really figure it out.

I know it was compared to The girl on the train, but this felt like a lighter Gone Girl, because there was some serious crazy going on. In fact the more I ponder on the ending, the more I realize that I just can't finish this sentence without a major spoiler so I should stop now. I will end with this, this book is deliberately confusing, because someone and you will know who I am talking about when you read played us all.... In fact I think I have to move this back up to 5 stars now that I realized that!  What are you waiting for go read this book now, wow....

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