Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hazed and Confused

It's new author Thursday and this week we're bringing you the book HAZE by Brandon J. Barnard.

Haze is the story that I would have written if I was going to write a gender bending story about my younger sister...or maybe it just made me think of her so much that I feel like this story was written about her. It happens! 

Here's the premise of the story Jack Decker is an art school dropout who has to face his repressed memories in a post-apocalyptic London. During a regular workday he sees a girl wanting to stuff her face with doughnuts from across the room and that event starts the whole book.

I'm giving this book 5 stars and here's why. The setting of the story takes place in the future 2071 the environmental pollution has reached astronomical limits and no one can go outside or breath the air without a gas mask and goggles on. (FYI my younger sister would look so kick ass in goggles, like steampunk awesomeness). The London apocalyptic setting is subtle so you have to pay attention to the little details he gives us throughout the descriptions. As an avid reader I appreciate that attention to detail it helps paint a more vivid picture. The other reason the book gets 5 stars from me is the character development. Jack Decker is a puzzle, an enigma, a mystery and you'll have a blast trying to figure him out. This mystery drives the story so I can't say too much about him on here without giving away spoilers and NO ONE WANTS THAT! I can say this about Jack Decker the author paces the revelations about his character really well. You never learn too much too soon and those character revelations are almost always followed by plot twists so astounding that I found myself actually standing up and saying "WHAT THE WHAT DUDE?!!" out loud for my entire family to hear. 

This whole book has a sort of Anime vibe to it that my super geeky, nerdy, self thought was pretty cool. The book isn't very long so if you're looking for a longer read this won't be it but what it lacks in length it makes up for in depth. At only 154 pages you can start and finish this book in a day or less if you have that nifty speed reading ability. 

This book does fall under the heading of Psychological Thriller and it certainly meets that criteria. Haze is a head trip that you'll enjoy all the way to the last page. I'm excited to see what this author brings us in the future!!