Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Back at it again! Some Quick Reviews to round out the week.

It's been a busy summer for readers and we've been reading like our lives depended on it. I've rounded out my summer reading with some of the littler known authors that we've featured on our blog in the past.

First up is the lastest release in the Ghost Bird Series by C. L. Stone: First Kiss is the tenth book in this ongoing series and unlike the "The Healing Power of Sugar" First Kiss delivers on moving the story forward. The story stagnation appears to be at an end  with the 10th book. I found it a relief and a joy to read this one and get back to what makes this series so amazing in the first place. I'm very much looking forward to the next book in the series so we can learn more about Sang Sorenson and her dark and murky past. In book 10 of the series Sang is finally officially introduced to the Academy. What happens during that visit will leave you in tears. It's at the camp that we discover what all those traumatic events in the past books have done to Sang and you'll be shocked to find that it's not only showers she has a phobia of!! If you're new to the Academy series you can pick up the first book "Introductions" for free on Amazon. You can also visit C.L. Stones website for more information on both of her Academy series: Ghost Bird and The Scarab Beetle series.

Second up on our list is book four in the Ancient Guardians series "The Awakening". For those of you new to our blog let me tell you that this author is one of the main reasons we got started in this direction of blogging. S. L. Morgan's Ancient Guardian series is so good it HAD to be shared with the world and thus this blog became a reality. That being said I was beyond excited to get the fourth and final book in this series. I couldn't wait to start reading it and Ms. Morgan did not disappoint. It was the best final book in a series I've read in a long time. This book took longer to come to the market because S. L. Morgan actually compressed books four and five together for one large final book. I couldn't tell the difference though and I mean that in a good way. The ending wraps up a lot of the mystery without any major cliffhangers except one tiny foreshadowing at the very end of the book. This foreshadowing makes this reader wonder if she's planning on a spin off series that focuses on the younger generation..hmmm? Now you know we pride ourselves on no spoilers with these reviews so I'll say this and no more, It's a wild, unpredictable ride all the way up to the very last page. You'll cry and gasp in outrage, shudder in fear, and rejoice in the end. All in all an excellent final book to an amazing adventure that I've been privileged to be a part of since book one.

Last but certainty not least is the latest book in the Courtlight Series Sworn to Sovereignty. This is book 8 in this series and book 9 is set to release July 29th. This series got me sucked in a few years ago and then we readers had to wait a really long time for the next book in the series to come out now we've gotten two of the three promised and the third should be out at the end of this month. YAY! The courtlight series follows Ciardis Weathervane as she first learns who she is and what she can do. Each book after that builds on the story and the mystery of the Weathervane clan. Ciardis faces many dangers and sometimes you'll be as frustrated as she is with all the court politics and near death experiences she faces. 
Terah Edun is a harsh, harsh, mistress. This series draws you in so fast that before you know it you've forgotten the world around you and the only thing that matters is where Ciardis Weathervane's life is going to take you next. No spoilers in this review because you can't give anything away without ruining the next book. I will say this each book in the series leaves you on a cliffhanger and begging for the next book. If you don't handle that kind of anxiety well then I would suggest waiting till the series is complete before reading the first book and you should also clear about a week from your calendar, stock up on snack foods and easy to prep meals, lots of water and forget any kind of outside social engagement because once you start you won't leave your house till it's complete. If you have kids this would be a good time to send them to grandma's house for a visit because you will end up in what my six year old refers to as "The Reading Trance".  

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