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Review: Game for Marriage

Game for Marriage Game for Marriage by Karen Erickson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This review is part one of our "Kindle recommendations" book reviews. If you're new to our book review blog let me run down some basic tenants here. First off we review anything except biographies and autobiographies so be prepared to see reviews of all different types of genres and repeats of series that we're both reading. When possible we'll always strive to link a book review with other books in that genre or that follow the same story tropes so you, our faithful readers, will have OPTIONS! Three we will always give our honest opinion. No one pays us to write these so we don't have anyone to please but ourselves and we hope you understand these are our OPINIONS of the works that we've read. You are under no obligation to agree with us-we won't send the authors to your house to beat you up if you don't like a book we've reviewed and vise versa. Last but not least please leave a comment it's nice to know you've been here and we value your opinions on our blog. We're always looking to improve what we put out there and we need your unscripted feedback to do that. So exercise that Freedom of Speech and leave us a little note to let us know what you like or didn't like, what you'd like to see more of or any suggestions you may have. Just like you we're always looking for something new to read. The rest of this year we'll be working in the "Kindle Recommendation" reviews just to see how well Amazon thinks they know us. So without further ado Here's my first review of a Kindle Recommendation I got about a year ago.

This was a re-read for me. I read this for the first time hmm I don't know maybe a year ago? It's sometimes hard to remember when I read so many books. This one stuck out though due to it's main characters. I'm not the "roo-rah siss-boom-bah" cheerleader type. I'm the laugh at someone when they fall type so a book based on a Quarterback and a struggling artist falling in love was wwwaaaayyyy out there for me. So colored me surprised when I found myself actually liking it!
I liked these characters enough to not only roll with this first book but to also go out and buy the second book in the series. I did not however buy the third book but that strictly a money issue not a book issue-such is the life of an avid, obsessed, bibliophile le sigh-back to this book.

Let's start with the premise for the story. We have 1 starving artist and 1 uber successful Quarterback. Mixed well this is a recipe for disaster or the most adorable love story ever! It's none of those things by the way. It's neither a disaster because the characters saved the story nor is it adorable. This is a pretty gritty story about the underbelly of professional sports. Ok it's not THAT gritty but it does use the very real purpose of celebrity spin to launch the story.

Now let me talk about the yummy quarterback. Jared Quinn. Jared is the star quarterback for the Monterey Seahawks and he's a ladies man. He gets into a bit of trouble when the wife of one of his previous teammates sets him in a paparazzi scandal. The owner of the team tells Jared he needs to clean up his act or he's out. Enter the sleazy, yet effective, publicist Harvey Price. It's Harvey's job to clean up Jared's public image and he concocts a plan to have Jared get married. Since Jared's accused of being a homewrecker what better way to rectify this than by having him get married thereby showing his trust and faith in the institution of marriage. *Side note* Anyone whose been married or is currently married will you tell you it's WORK so you can see this is not going to end well. At first Jared is opposed to this solution as he actually DOES respect the institution of marriage and doesn't want to be disrespectful to it. Also he's embarrassed that his publicist is picking out his wife. Jared refuses this idea until he meets.....

Sheridan. Sheridan is our starving artist and she meets Jared at the Monterrey fair Taste of Monterrey! She's doing what's called a live capture painting of the event when Jared comes up behind her and begins asking about her work. Sheridan thinking she's going to nab some new clients for her failing painting business talks him up not knowing who he is until she turns around and sees him. Sheridan recognizes Jared right off (thank you for not making it seem like she's totally clueless) and makes the split second decision to have one night with Jared Quinn no strings attached. Those strings came later but I can't talk about those because SPOILERS!!

Later Harvey Price and Jared show up to Sheridan's art studio and it's there that Harvey makes the proposition to Sheridan. Marry Jared Quinn for one year and they'll help her flagging business as well as pay her an exorbitant amount of money. It has to be a real marriage and no one can know it's fake. Unbeknownst to them Sheridan's best friend Willow is the only child of famed entertainment Lawyer Walter Cavanaugh. Walter goes with Sheridan to negotiate the contract and Sheridan has him add the "no sex" clause in an effort to save herself from making a huge mistake. Two guesses how long that clause lasts and the first one doesn't count.

As I said before the characters are what make this story exciting not necessarily the premise hence why I only gave it three out of five stars. I'll never be a cheerleader and probably won't ever understand the world of jocks and cheerleaders so if you're into that kind of thing you'll probably give this story four to five stars. I'm sticking with my three as the character development and the story progression left me wanting more.

Kindle Unlimited scored a 3 on a scale of 1-5 with this book. I'd say Amazon knows me somewhat with this book.

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