Monday, August 1, 2016

They made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

My inbox has been flooded with mafia fiction. Normally I'd say pass unless there's a mystery involved but I was persuaded to try it. I'm sort of glad that I did. So without further ado here's my review of my brief foray into Mafia Fiction.

The Sin Trilogy:

This was a three for one so I'll break this review into three parts. Book one, A Necessary Sin, kicks off this trilogy with our main character Bleu MacAllister. She's a trained FBI agent who goes off on her own time to infiltrate a Scottish Mafia known as The Fellowship. She's not doing this for work but to settle a personal vendetta against the man she believes murdered her mother and attempted to murder her when she was 7 years old. Her adopted father Harry MacAllister, also a trained veteran of the FBI, has spent years training Bleu to do this very thing. Now Harry is dying of cancer and this is their last chance to infiltrate and exact revenge before Harry dies.

Bleu has it all worked out with Harry the best way to infiltrate it through Sinclair Breckenridge the oldest son of the head of The Fellowship. To catch his attention she'll go undercover as a barmaid in Leith's pub known as Duncan's. Leith is one of Sinclair's best friends and she knows he won't be able to resist showing off his new "American" waitress to Sinclair.

Everything goes according to plan until Bleu realizes that to sell this story and get closer to Sinclair's dad Thane Breckenridge she'll need to establish a personal and intimate relationship with Sinclair, known as Sin to his friends. Bleu agonizes over going this next step but she's determined to see her mothers killer dead so she throws her virginity on the alter of vengeance and begins a relationship with Sin. Sin upon discovering that Bleu is a virgin become obsessed with keeping her and making sure no other ever lays hands on her. He offers Bleu protection and claims her secretly as no one outside of The Fellowship is ever allowed in. Bleu being on the outside means he can't claim her publicly.

Bleu is set move on her plan to kill Thane when tragedy strikes Sin and he ends up in the hospital by this time Bleu as discovered that she's in love with Sinclair Breckenridge. She can't go through with the murder of his father and Sin's evil Uncle Abram uncovers Bleau's FBI past sending Bleu running back to the states never to see Sin again........Or is that the end?

Book two The Next Sin, picks up where book one left off. It's been months and The Fellowship hasn't followed Bleu back to her hometown in Mississippi. She's no longer employed by the FBI and is instead working as a private investigator, a job she hates but it helps pay the bills. She's living with her younger sister Ellison a nurse at the local hospital and her father Harry is in hospice care. Bleu is trying to move on with her life without Sinclair in it but is finding it difficult. Her sister Ellison convinces her to come out one night with her and her friends to cheer Bleu up. It's at this time that she runs into an old childhood friend Cody.

Cody is a commercial airline pilot after having finished his time in the Air Force and he's eager to reconnect with Bleu. Ok this is where I got all excited and was like "yay love triangle" let's get emotionally messy but it's a tease. Bleu only has room in her heart for one man and thats the very one she shouldn't have any room in her heart for, Sinclair Breckenridge. So sadly no messy emotional love triangle in these books readers.

Unbeknownst to Bleu Sins been keeping an eye for her from a distance. Watching over her because his Uncle Abram has sent men after her to take her out. Sin shows up at Bleu's place, and by show up I mean he breaks in and waits for her in the dark living room, because that's not creepy AT ALL. After scaring the crap out of her tells her about Abram's plans and then drops a bomb on her. He says the only to prevent her death at the hands of The Fellowship is if she marries him.

I can't go any further..if I go into any more depth on this book review it's going to spoil the rest of the rest of the story and it's actually a great mystery.

So I lied this isn't a three part review it's a two part review because anything else will give the rest away. I leave it to you my readers to decide.
Will Bleu marry Sin?
Will she discover the truth about the night her mother was murdered?
Will Uncle Abram be brought to justice mafia style?
What will happen to her sister Ellison in the midst of all of this?
so many'll have to read the Sin trilogy to find out.

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