Monday, October 24, 2016

Review of Believe by Katie Delahanty

Review of Believe by Katie Delahanty

Thank you to Netgalley and Entangled Embrace for a copy of the eArc in exchange for a fair review.

Amanda is beginning her residency in New York when her cousin Liv whisks her off to South Africa for super secret wedding to Berkley.  While there Amanda meets Mark and they have an instant connection and hot hookup. But Amanda isn't sure where this will go so she leaves things kind of causal. Once back in New York, she runs into Mark with another girl and immediately thinks the worse. She does find out that the girl was just a friend and he acted like he didn't know her because she with a guy who was just her co-worker.

She reaches out to Mark again and he invites her to a show, but while having a drink with him she sees a call or text come in from Vivian and doubts herself. So she takes off besides she is dealing with her first death as a doctor. Eventually, she runs into Mark yet again and he invites her out on the road. Amanda is on leave after the death of her patient and she decides why not.

Will Mark and Amanda get it right? Or will they keep missing the Mark with each other?

I am going to knock out my one dislike with this book first, I felt like they spent a lot of time missing each other or avoiding each other so I didn't get near as much romance as I wanted. That being said I loved Amanda, even though she is the smart doctor in training she felt like a normal person with normal insecurities. Including thinking, she wasn't good enough and not trusting a rockstar hottie.

The only other thing I kind of disliked was it felt like most of the time she was doing the work, Mark did tell her how he felt once, and of course he responded most of the time when she called or texted. But as a reader, I could see how his actions almost fed her insecurity. He didn't always make it easy on Amanda nor did he really take the time to chase her or clear up misperceptions.

Okay, maybe I did have more than one dislike, but in some ways, it made the romance more realistic, we all know guys don't always do or say the right thing. Plus we as women often fall prey to our insecurities and flaws. So even though I disliked some of those aspects I also liked them and thought that they made the story real. So if you are looking for realistic love story to pass the afternoon away then look no further!

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