Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Encore by Tara Kelly

Encore by Tara Kelly (Amplified #2)

Thanks to Entangled and Netgalley for a copy of the eARC in exchange for a fair review.

Whew where do I start, I opened this expecting one hell of a romance, and well I got that and so much more. Most romances are heavy on the romance and short on the storyline. This was heavy on the story and short on the romance, but I didn't mind it one bit. I will say that I was/had planned to finish reading and post the review yesterday, however, something bad happened and that didn't happen. So I am sorry this was not posted yesterday.

Jasmine like where do I start, I have no clue but I heart Jasmine she is everything a main character should be flawed, not skinny enough, talented, yet fearful, a liar, and truthful and so much more.

Jasmine has lied her way into C-side and is getting ready to embark on a tour with her band. When her dad shows up and more of her lies are uncovered it creates a friction with Jasmine and V3ta. The other members aren't as bothered by it. Basically, she told her father Felix was gay, Veta runs a gift shop, and well Flex is a cross dresser but not necessarily gay, and Vita reads tarot cards. She also has a huge crush and bit of a past with Sean the bassist. Long story short they hooked up some after Sean broke up with his long-time girlfriend who had cheated on him. Their budding hook up was cut short when Sean made out with said ex-girlfriend.

At their first show, Jasmine meets a fan named Jeremy and thinks he is great. She sort of plans to take his tour of Seattle when they get there.  Once they get to Seattle she tries to get one of her bandmates to stay with her while she hangs out with Jeremy, but they bail on her and ends up having a great time. Until later in the day when points out the mixed signals that he thinks she is sending to him. Jasmine makes it pretty clear she isn't interested and things get weird. Feeling uncomfortable Jasmine flees and calls her bandmates to rescue her.

Jeremy then begins spreading his version of what happened and hoping it will all go away Jasmine doesn't really make much effort to address. As things continue on the tour, they are faced with bad things one after another. Felix is jumped and beaten by skinheads, Veta has a breakdown on stage, and soon Jasmine and the others must come to terms with how important is the music, and how they can take back the mess that has been made.

Jasmine must also face her feelings for Sean and force him to be honest about his feelings for her. Swoon...
As you can see I have so much to say about this book, I will admit I haven't read the first book Amplified so you can either start with that one or read them out of order. I didn't feel like I missing much, but since I loved this so much I really plan to go and read the first one and any others that come out.  This book deals with so many real and raw issues, from shaming, manipulation, intimidation, abuse, hate crimes, bi-polar, and so much more. But it also feels like a real coming of age story. Jasmine is only 17, Sean is 18 and the others are young 20s. So they really have to grow in this book and Tara Kelly delivers that in spades!

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