Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year, New Pages, New Ideas!

Happy 2017 everyone!! No matter what country you're visiting our page from I think we can all agree that last year was rough. We in the States are letting out a huge sigh of relief that it's over. We're also simultaneously holding our breath to see what the new President does in the upcoming year..or four years.

I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday breaks and are ready to get this new year started! We have some exciting new books coming out this year and hopefully some more great interviews with authors as well as giveaways!! We do love giving things away around here.

Toward the end of last year we asked our followers on Facebook to give us some ideas of things they'd like to see here on the blog. The response was pretty amazing and we got really excited reading them. One recurring request was that we bring back the "Littlest Reviewers" spots that we usually only run during the summer. I've spoken with some of the parents of those little readers and they are excited to read and review more children's books for you all. I'm working hard to get those interviews with the kids set up and transcribed to bring here so look for those in the upcoming months.

Another suggestion was to have separate pages for the book series that we often refer to and review here on the blog. I've been working on those behind the scenes and let me tell you that's a lot harder to do than it sounds, lot of tech stuff that I wasn't prepared to take one. I'm still working on those pages and they'll separated by genre so please bear with me while I attempt to learn this.

We'll be doing some book reviews of classic pieces as well such as Tess of D'Urbevilles, Dracula, and the Bronte's. We hope to bring back the love of these pieces by reviewing them as if they were published this year instead of over a 100 years ago..that's a big challenge but we're up for it.

New Releases will still be listed along with buy options when we have them and we'll still be featuring at least one independent author a month.

If you have a series or a book that you want us to review for you we'll be taking those submissions and requests by e-mail. This blog is powered by two busy moms so don't be upset if we don't get back to you right away.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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