Saturday, January 21, 2017

Review of Nest by Terry Goodkind

Nest by Terry Goodkind

I received a copy of this book from the Skyhorse Publishing in exchange for a fair review.

I don't even know where to start, this book hit the ground running. We first met John who has the devil chained in his basement, which is a pretty good indication that something crazy is going on. Soon it becomes clear that John isn't all that bad and he is confused about what to do with the devil in his basement, his sister Katie calls and that is when John realizes the devil isn't chained-up anymore.

Katie rushes over to her brother's house only to find detectives already on the scene. John has been murdered and he has been keeping someone chained up in the basement. Katie soon finds out from Det. Janek that John has been helping her find killers. He can see it in their eyes that they are bad. She even shows Katie a couple of photographs and they soon realize that Katie has the ability as well.

Det. Janek tells Kate about an author Jack Raines, and before Katie can even really look him up she finds that he has been calling her already. Soon Katie realizes that her brother's killer is hunting her and it is worse than that she is on the darkweb and many killers are hunting her. Will Jack be able to keep her alive long enough to get ahead? Will Katie's ability help before it is too late?

First, let me cry that this appears to be a standalone even though it was left on a pretty decent sized cliffhanger... I really need another book and some answers... please!!! I couldn't stop reading this, I loved every stinking dark minute. There were a few times it got a little bogged down in information giving, but overall I just loved the concept. Being able to see in someone's eyes what they are capable of, or what they have already done.

Plus Katie was pretty on point, and Jack sigh.... well I can't say too much more because spoilers. This had everything I love in a dark thriller, really bad guys, kick butt good guys, and a lot of twists and turns.

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