Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review of Unpunished by Lisa Black

Unpunished by Lisa Black (Gardiner and Renner #2)

Thank you to Kensington and Netgalley for a copy of the eArc in exchange for a fair review.

I will say that I recommend to start with Book 1, this will contain spoilers if you haven't read the first book in the series.

Jack and Maggie are back, Unpunished picks shortly after book 1 ends. Jack and his partner are investigating a Ronald Schultz who is a gangster who is constantly upgrading his crime level. This time they have caught him with attempted murder, and Jack is thinking about how he would just like to kill him.

However, before they get too involved in that they are called out to a suicide, but when Maggie shows they are all shocked to find that it isn't a suicide but a murder. Ronald Davis is the copy editor at the local paper. As they try to figure out what happened, another newspaper person is murdered, and as the bodies continue to mount up. Will Maggie and Jack be able to catch a killer before it's too late?

If you remember from book 1 Jack is a serial killer, kind of like Dexter in the fact that he only kills people that get away with crimes. However, Maggie caught him and covered for him, and they are bound by the fact that she killed someone as well. Except that neither of them wants to be a team, in fact Maggie wants him to stop killing people and move out of this city.

Jack has kept his promise for the most part, but more questions are raised when Ronald Schultz's body turns up, and Maggie asks for his prints.  I will say that I thought the first book was okay, but this book brought it up a level. I enjoyed it a lot, they work well together despite being unwilling accomplices. 

I also love that Maggie sort of struggles with the whole situation, because she is basically a good person, but at the same time she doesn't necessarily feel the guilt that she should. Jack is pretty okay with what he does, but I love that unlike Dexter he isn't willing and never considers getting rid of Maggie to protect his secret. It makes him sort of the best kind of killer, he only hurts people that one could argue deserve it.

I am glad I decided to review this book, I couldn't put it down and I really look forward to seeing where the two of them go in this series.

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