Friday, March 10, 2017

Review It Takes One by Kate Kessler

It Takes One by Kate Kessler

I won a copy of this in a goodreads giveaway.

Audrey Harte is a criminal psychologist, she studies kids who kill. She knows better than most since she has killed as well. When she was 14, Audrey and her best friend Maggie killed  Maggie's father. After serving time Audrey left after Maggie and Jake broke her heart and has only returned once in all that time.

Audrey has returned home before she can even arrive at her childhood home she has to make a stop and pick up her drunk father from the local bar. While she is there she sees not only Jake but has an altercation with Maggie as well. Audrey shoves Maggie and leaves with her father. The next morning a guest finds Maggie's dead body on the grounds of Jake's resort.

The only real suspect is Audrey, and she is the only one who can prove she didn't do it.  Audrey comes to terms with tumultuous relationship with Maggie and tries to figure out who killed her, all while dealing with the angry stares and gossip from a town that already knows she is a killer.

Audrey knows she is running out of time trying to unravel the lies of Maggie's life, and with someone watching her it might just end up being life or death for Audrey as well. All well getting closer with Jake.

I loved this book, I couldn't stop reading it, I say that a lot, but I am seriously on a good thriller kick and I totally adored this one. I really enjoyed the psychology aspect of this novel and the main character.  I will say this I think everyone in that book was messed up and that isn't necessarily realistic. However, on the flip side of that, the author did an amazing job exposing common problems with abuse. All too often a child isn't believed or nothing is done, people just pretend it isn't happening or they can't believe someone they know or like would do such horrible things.

I love Audrey and words cannot express how I was to discover that there are more books and one is already out! So I am off to buy book 2, now read this!!! 

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