Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Top Ten Shows that ended way too soon.

We do a lot of books on here, but I decided to add something a little different. Since my kids are on a two hour delay this morning I decided now was the perfect time to shed some light on some shows that ended with just one season and with major cliffhangers. It's a freaking tragedy in some cases and in no particular order here we go.

You can find this awesome show on Netflix, it is a teenage show but like all CW shows it is done well, with some minor issues. Very compelling and just 13 episodes. Yes, I just tortured myself and re-watched this the other week. It is a romance between a human girl and alien boy with major background plots going on. It deals with interspecies romances, treatment of aliens, and so much more!

This is an older one and a remake. The original show aired for much longer, but I don't care about the original. I am all about the remake and this one was awesome! I couldn't stop watching it and back in 1996 when it aired I didn't know it was canceled until after they aired the season finale. I was crushed.  A young woman is hired as a governess for the Collins family in Maine, but when she arrives she finds there are strange things happening there. Mainly Barnabas is a vampire, he was cursed by a witch and Victoria is the spitting image of his lost love. Somehow the witch casts another spell that hurtles Victoria back in time. Ahh cursed cliffhangers. I have watched this show more than once, I still heart it after all these years. You can watch for free on Hulu! 

Another CW show that ends after one season. Cassie moves in with her grandmother after her mother's death and soon finds out she is a witch. A powerful witch, with a soulmate in Adam and possibly Jake. Her circle of witches all navigate dark magic, and avoid witch hunters all ending with another cliffhanger. You can watch this on Netflix.
I mean Jonathan Rhys Meyers need I say more. Okay I will say more this is a more classic adapation of the beloved Bram Stoker novel. Wonderfully done and yup canceled after one season. However, I have some great news... while researching for this post I found that Netflix is doing a second season! so woohoo. Sadly as of now there is no place to watch the first season for free.
Now for a quirky gem. Jayne is retail clerk failing at life and quite happy about it when random knickknacks start talking to her. This show really grew into itself and was lovely. Sadly it's only available to buy on DVD.

In one of the cruelest twists of fate, VH1 introduced this amazing show, renewed it and then quietly dropped the second season without really informing the public. Sadly it appears to have been dropped into obscurity. Becca is on the verge of her second marriage to Andy, but she regrets that her best friend isn't there and we don't really know what happen. Becca wishes that she could change things and passes out in an elevator. When she wakes she is back in her old apartment to redo her life. I would say more that would give it all away.  Bad news not available for free anywhere, good news you can buy the season on Amazon! Which I think I just might do because I really need to torture myself and watch this one again.

Another dark show that ended way too soon. A young woman arrives in a New Jersey town and things begin to happen. We soon find out that she is the daughter of the devil and while people believe she is nothing but evil, we know that she can actually go either way...  This is like Wonderfalls is only available to buy on DVD.
I think I see a theme here. I definitely enjoy paranormal shows a lot! I have heard rumors that CW is working bringing back this show. Constantine actually showed up in one of their shows last season. That remains to be seen, but bad news is it only available to buy through Amazon
Probably the most iconic and most famous on my list. Firefly the space western that was hands down amazing. It had a huge fan following and was able to get a movie made because of that. You can see if for free on Netflix
Last but not least Invasion was another show that ended all too soon. This was a subtle invasion plan but aliens, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and more than a little miffed when it ended too. You can purchase this on Amazon... So I hope you enjoy some of mine personal favorites that I secretly wish would be brought back. What are some of yours?

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