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Review: A Twist in Time

A Twist in Time A Twist in Time by Julie McElwain
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Once again Julie McElwain proves that she's an author whose here to stay. Her prose and grasp of Regency England's justice system and social mores is dead on..pun intended. This is no run of the mill murder mystery nor is it a straight laced romance novel.

Kendra Donovan, the youngest FBI recruit goes on a mission of vengeance in 2015 and winds up going through a wormhole and ending up in Regency England right after the war with America and Napoleon. Kendra has to try to adjust to a world where women are regarded as property and unintelligent while also trying to solve a series of murders.

In Julie McElwain's follow up novel 'A Twist in Time' Kendra Donovan's hopes of returning to her own time prove unsuccessful. At the same time Lady Dover is brutally murdered and Alec is accused of the crime. The Duke of Aldridge and Kendra journey from Aldridge Castle to London to clear Alec's name and find Lady Dover's killer.

Julie McElwain takes us through the investigative process mixing Kendra's knowledge of current criminal investigation and 18th century police procedures. She doesn't stop there though. She immerses us into the society that existed at that time. She doesn't shy away from highlighting Kendra's struggle as a woman in Regency England, nor does she sugar coat the unfair justice system that existed.

Kendra is reunited with Sam Kelly the Bow Street Runner and our favorite Regency Englishwoman Lady Rebekah as well as the inestimable Dr. Morris. We're also introduced to the Beau Monde also known as the Ton and all it's seedy, sordid, dealings.

Through the course of her investigation we meet the Weston Family. Lord Weston is having an affair with Lady Dover but by this time in the investigation it's more a matter of who ISN'T having an affair with her. Turns out the widow Dover had quite a few "admirers" and she wasn't above blackmailing them to get what she wanted. What's a 20th century woman to do when faced with 18th century societal morals? Kendra Donovan digs out the Weston families deepest darkest and dirtiest secrets to find the person responsible for Lady Dover's death and to clear Alec's name before the House of Lords can convene to decide whether or not to charge him.

There are so many twists and turns throughout Julie McElwain's second novel that you might find yourself getting a tad lost but you'll have a blast getting to know Regency England right along with Kendra. I for one can't wait to see what Julie brings in the next book.

Will Kendra Donovan find her way back to the 20th century or will she decide to say in England?

Will she agree to marry Alec or will Alec change his mind once he learns Kendra may not be able to have children?

We're getting close in timeline to when Jack the Ripper stalked the alleys of White Chapel so I don't think I'm alone in wondering if Kendra Donovan is going to be called on to help investigate those crimes.

I haven't forgotten about what Kendra left behind in 20th century England so I'm wondering what her plan is if she DOES get back to her own time?

I have so many questions but it looks like I'll be waiting with the rest of you to get those answers.

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