Monday, June 26, 2017

Damaged Like Us Pre-Release Party Give Away

Today we're excited to be a part of the Fizzle Force "Damaged Like Us" Pre-Release Party!!! As part of a collection of online book bloggers and fangirls of the dynamic twin duo's writing The Book Whisperers will be raffling off a Kindle eCopy of Damaged Like Us. To enter just head over and join the Fizzle Force Pre-Release Party post your answer in the comments section below. We're picking, not one, but TWO winners for this special occasion.

Fizzle Force Facebook Page

For those not familiar with the dynamic twin writing duo Krista and Becca Ritchie are the authors of the "Addicted to You" the book series that follows Loren Hale and Lilly Calloway on their journey to find sobriety, strength, family, and love. It's a very powerful and realistic look at addiction, societies double standards, and the power of media both social and on air.

If you haven't read the Addicted Series we here at The Book Whisperers highly recommend you pick it up. Damaged Like Us follows the children of the original characters and as such may be hard to follow for those that haven't read the original series.

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