Thursday, July 13, 2017

This Is How It Happened by Paula Stokes

This is How it Happened by Paula Stokes

Thank you to Paula Stokes for providing me with an ARC in exchange for a fair review!

Genevieve wakes up in the hospital and she can't remember what happened. She soon finds out she was involved in car crash and it killed her YouTube sensation boyfriend Dallas Kade. As time goes on she finds out that the other driver was supposedly drunk at the time of the crash. Then an all out war ensues on Twitter attacking the man.

Genevieve doesn't remember still, but she can't help but feel bad for him. Soon she begins to remember bits and pieces and begins to wonder if it wasn't his fault at all. Fed up with all the media attention she retreats to her Dad's house in Utah and begins to confront the truth.

Yes, I am going to leave that there just like that because I hate spoilers and this book is too good for me to ruin the need for you to read it yourself. First off I have to say that Paula is quickly becoming one of those authors that I don't even need to know what the book is about I am just going to click want to read and go forward. When I got her newsletter with ARC sign ups I thought why not...

I was so excited when I got the email that I was receiving a copy of this book, and sorry life has been a tad hectic I meant to read this and review it two days ago when it came out. So my thoughts about this book, I loved it, I loved learning more about Genevieve in bits and pieces and her relationship with Dallas.

I totally understood how she felt about everything, and her almost complete withdrawal from social media, and when she ran to her Dad's house I got that too. Her fears, whew I am going to get into that in a second, most likely in a generic manner so as to not spoil things in the books.

Thank you, Paula, for writing this book, I mean the culture that is really taking over social media needed to be addressed and you did it beautifully, sadly I don't think it will change a thing. Genevieve's fears about public perception and the way people handle things on social media are spot on and so realistic it's scary.

Social Media, is ugly, there I said it and in the last year or so it's become extremely ugly. I actually avoid Twitter and I am seriously considering deleting it. Especially considering almost everyone on there that I follow or follows me doesn't actually know me in real life. Mostly because the things I see on there every time I get on there break my heart. The hatred is real, and honestly pretty much everyone on there attacking people need to just add the #hypocrite to their posts. I grew up without social media where you had to have the legit courage to be mean to a person's face or talk about them behind their back. So I have zero respect for the bullying disguised as talking a stand for what you believe in.

So as Paula left in the novel every action you take on the internet can have real life consequences and you should consider that long and hard before taking part in attacking someone even if you think it's justified. 

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