Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Review of Dead Girls Can't Lie by Carys Jones

Dead Girls Can't Lie by Carys Jones

Thank you to Aria and Netgalley for a copy of the eARC in exchange for a fair review.

North has just found out her best friend Kelly has been found on a jogging trail hanging from a tree and the police believe that it was a suicide but North knows that isn't true. Kelly used to tell her that if she was ever found hanging from a tree on a jogging trail by a dog walker that it was murder, not suicide.

North has had trouble in the past so most people believe that she has gone over the edge with her determination to prove that Kelly didn't kill herself, but she knows that Kelly would fight for the truth if it was her, and so she sets out to find the truth.

North learns that Kelly was pregnant and it wasn't her boyfriend Dean's baby, everyone else uses that as the excuse to justify the suicide. However, that just cements North's convictions and she begins to dig deeper knowing that the yacht is the key to what happened to her she makes plans to go visit the yacht and find the truth.

Soon it seems that she in over her head, lucking Elijah from work has been keeping her company and helping her uncover the truth. But the crew is afraid, and the only person it willing to talk to her and she is told that it isn't uncommon for girls to leave the yacht early and just disappear.

I am torn in my feelings for this book, the mystery was a bit pat, but I loved the characters and I loved North's determination to do right by her friend no matter the cost. I couldn't stop reading the book at all I finished it in one sitting.

I will say initially I was wondering if the twist would be something different, I know vague but I hate spoilers and I realized if I typed out what I was going to say that I would steal that wondering from you and I just can't do that! Ha sorry, I am bad... 

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